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Compliance with 508 standards should always be a priority for those creating course and web page content.  Whatever the system your content is being distributed from, ensure that uploaded media meets accessibility standards.

Accessing KnowBe4 Training

Accessing KnowBe4 Training.

Adobe PDF Fillable Forms

Add fields to PDF documents to create user-friendly, fillable forms.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Email

Microsoft provides an Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service that delivers SVSU additional safeguards to our existing email security controls. It is composed of two parts Safe Links and Safe Attachments.

Safe Links looks for malicious URLs. Safe Attachments looks for malicious content in email attachments.


Audacity is a free, and easy to use audio editor and recorder software.

Automatic Email Message Encryption: SSN Detection and Confidential Emails

Microsoft Outlook is the campus-wide email system for all SVSU students, employees, and alumni.  Email messages that are sent from an SVSU address and that contain confidential Social Security Number information will be automatically detected and encrypted when being sent to a recipient outside of SVSU.  Senders can also manually encrypt email messages by labeling the message subject as CONFIDENTIAL to protect other types of sensitive or private information.  Messages labeled as CONFIDENTIAL or

Big Blue Button / Canvas Conferences

Support provided by Blindside Networks for Big Blue Button

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a screen recording software that allows you to create professional-looking videos of your computer's screen.

Create a Teams Online Appointment from within Outlook

Create a Teams Online Appointment from within Outlook

Digital Inking with your Touch Device in PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, and Excel

Streamline editing Office 365 documents with Digital inking tools with your touch device using your finger, pen, or stylus to annotate and highlight text, and use the built-in digital ruler. The feature in PowerPoint would depend on if your university desktop or laptop is the most up to date Office 365 version. Available via the Draw tab in the Office ribbon.

Excel Accessibility Checklist

Checklist of items to make your Excel spreadsheet more accessible.

Glogster EDU

Create interactive posters and express idea using images, graphics, audio, video and text on one digital canvas.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google.

Host a Lifesize Meeting at SVSU

You can easily call a Lifesize contact, meeting or room system, invite participants to meetings, record and share meetings, chat and participate in Live, Lifesize, Stream events.

Host a MS Teams Meeting Directly Within Canvas

MS Team Meeting links can be embedded directly to a Canvas Rich Text Editor box via External Tools.  Teachers create an assignment or announcement and add a meeting link.  Students in the class click the link to open the online Teams interface in a supported browser or Teams Desktop Version.

iClicker Audience Response

iClicker Audience Response

iClicker Cloud: Sync to Canvas

Use iClicker Cloud with students and sync their grades to your Canvas course.

Install SPSS for Use on a Home Computer

Install SPSS on a personally owned computer using the instructions in this Knowledge Article.

Integrate iClicker Classic with Canvas

Integrate iClicker Classic software and student remotes with Canvas.


iPad tips and app lists to help get started using an iDevice.

Login to Multiple Office 365 Accounts

It is sometimes necessary to sign into to your SVSU Office 365 account and another (Delta) Office 365 account on the same computer.  You can achieve this by opening a private or incognito browser window.

Make MS Teams Meeting Recording Available within your Canvas Course

Make MS Teams Meeting Recording Available within your Canvas Course

Microsoft Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups include communication tools, file storage and sharing.  The biggest benefit, of Office 365 Groups, is not it's file storage capacity, but in it's ability to manage communication, notes and files related to a focused idea.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Outlook is SVSUs selected email service. Although used mainly as an email application, other popular features include a calendar, task manager, and contact manager. Find answers to the most common questions related to the Outlook Calendar.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser.

MS Bookings

MS Bookings is an Office 365 app that allows small businesses to offer booking of appointments online.  Although the terminology is aimed towards small businesses, the app can also be used for other instances that require the booking of appointments online.  One specific use, for SVSU faculty, could be to offer MS Bookings as a way for students to schedule online appointments during set office hours.  These instructions focus on setting up Bookings, as a faculty member, for students to reserve o

MS Excel

Excel allows you to create spreadsheets, charts, pivot tables, add formulas and more.

MS Forms

Create surveys, quizzes and polls and easily view collected responses in Excel.

MS Office 365

Office 365 is the subscription based Office Suite offered by Microsoft.

MS OneNote

Use OneNote to record and store meeting notes, keep track of to-do items, import Outlook calendar events to OneNote, apply familiar Microsoft Office formatting attributes, and much more.

MS Outlook FAQs

Outlook is SVSU's selected email service.  Although used mainly as an email application, other popular features include a calendar, task manager, and contact manager.  Users can choose between two computer interfaces, Outlook on the Web or Outlook desktop version, or use the Outlook app and stay connected on their mobile device.

The Outlook app gives you access to your Inbox on your mobile device (i.e., create and accept meeting invitations, add synced shared calendars, and more). It is avail

OneDrive for Business FAQs

OneDrive for Business is Office 365's cloud storage and file sharing application for organizations.  It allows you to more easily manage, store and share personal work files without having to contact IT.  OneDrive is accessible via the web or the OneDrive for Business sync client.

Online Teaching with Microsoft Whiteboard app available for Web, Windows 10, and iOS

Microsoft White Board is a freeform digital canvas that can be accessed from the O365 app launcher (waffle). It is best used on touchscreen devices; pen, touch, and a mouse can be used. Any faculty that write during their lectures can use the Microsoft Whiteboard app. for ease of writing. For ease of writing, it is best used with a touch-enabled device and a stylus.

Outlook 2016 Desktop Version FAQs

Frequently asked questions specifically regarding Outlook Desktop Version.

Outlook Mobile App - Add Shared Calendars

Microsoft's Outlook app can add synced shared calendars from Office 365 at any permission level (view, edit, or delegate permissions), even accept shared calendar invitations and meeting requests from your mobile device.

Outlook: Sharing Folders

Sharing a folder in Outlook allows multiple people access to messages for the purpose of reference, efficiency in replying to important office email and other shared office tasks.  There are two parts to sharing a folder successfully; part one involves sharing a specific folder, part two involves making the higher-level folders visible.

Outlook:  Managing Quarantined Emails

Microsoft Outlook is the campus-wide email system for all SVSU students, employees, and alumni.  The server implements a spam-content filter that places known spam messages into quarantine holding.  All SVSU email users will receive a daily spam notification report of messages that have been sent to quarantine.  This document instructs how to release legitimate messages that had been inadvertently detected as spam from quarantine to your Outlook Inbox.


Safari is Apple's default browser for OS X and iOS-based devices.

SFTP and WebDav Settings

Use the following SFTP and WebDav settings to connect to your M:\public_html\ web folder in Dreamweaver and any FTP application that supports SFTP.


SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences and it is a statistics software program that is used to analyze data.

Student Calendar Privacy Settings - Outlook

The Office 365 Calendar is a convenient way to keep all of your appointments in one place.  The calendar can keep track of class, work and activity schedules.  Many people appreciate the ability to check a fellow SVSU user's calendar to see if their calendar is marked as free or busy.  The ability for SVSU users to view the availability of another SVSU user's calendar speeds up the appointment making process.  Viewing availability means that users can see if a specific time is set as free or bus

Student/Attendee Guide to Joining a MS Teams Meeting that Originated in Canvas

Student/Attendee Guide to Joining a MS Teams Meeting that Originated in Canvas

Student/Attendee Guide to Joining a MS Teams Meeting that was Sent Via Outlook

Step by step instructions, students should follow, to join a Teams meeting, that their instructor sent to them via Outlook appointment.


Use SurveyGizmo to create and distribute online surveys, quizzes or polls.

SVSU Supported Software List

List of software supported by the SVSU IT Support Center.

Top Hat

Top Hat is a great tool for flipping your classroom, maximizing student attention or providing an environment for team based learning.

Top reasons you aren’t receiving an email message in your Inbox

There are a variety of reasons that a message sent to you may not end up in your inbox.  The most common reasons are:

Focused Inbox
Junk Email and Allow/Block Sender Lists

Using Lifesize as a Student or Guest

There are two apps you can use to connect to a Lifesize meeting as a student or guest.  One is the desktop app (requires you to download and install a Lifesize application) and one is the web app (requires you to use Google Chrome). Guests and organizations may also connect to a Lifesize meeting using an in-room conferencing system.

Using MS Teams to Call a Phone Number

Place a phone call from an already launched MS Teams Meeting.


Weebly is a free website builder that allows anyone to build a website.

Word Accessibility Checklist

Checklist of items to make your Word file accessible.