Adobe Creative Cloud how to Sign-out (Manage Devices)

Activate a Device

A computer is activated every time you log into the Creative Cloud Desktop App. If you do not have them installed on your machine, please view "How to install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app".

Deactivate a Device

To deactivate a computer, open the Creative Cloud Desktop app and click your account icon (top-right) of the window.

Click Sign Out. You are now signed out of your Adobe account and have released the device.

You will also be prompted to deactivate a device if you try to log into the Creative Cloud with two active devices.

Sign me out of the other computers so I can sign in here: You are logged out of Creative Cloud on all of your active devices. We recommend selecting this option if you do not have access to your devices to log yourself out.

I signed out of one computer so I can sign in here:
You must log out of the Creative Cloud on one of your two active devices. To log yourself out of the Creative Cloud, open any Adobe application on your device, select Help in the top left of the screen, then Sign Out (


Please remember you can only be logged into the Creative Cloud on two devices simultaneously. 


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