Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop - Home Installation Guide

Who has access to Adobe Creative Cloud Software Suite?

SVSU staff and faculty have access to Adobe Creative Cloud software suite through their login credentials. The Enterprise license for Adobe includes a full suite of over 20 applications for graphic design, video editing, web development, and Acrobat DC for editing PDFs.

This guide covers how to install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop on your personal computer for SVSU staff and faculty (Windows and Mac).

SVSU Role Adobe Creative Cloud
(Software Suite)
Spark Premium
Staff and faculty Office, Labs, Home Office, Labs, Home
Registered Students Labs only Labs, Home

PRO-TIP: You will need to enter your SVSU email address then verify your login credentials with Multi-factor Authentication. After validation, you will land on the Adobe home page.


Adobe Account Information – (IMPORTANT)

Existing personal Adobe ID? If you have an existing Adobe ID personal account, you may migrate your content to your SVSU Enterprise account, see this online Adobe article “Manual Migration of Files”.
How many devices can be logged into? Only two licenses (office, personal) can be simultaneously logged into. If installed and logged in on more than two devices you will need to sign out.
Leaving SVSU? Adobe offerings will not be available, you MUST download and save your content or transfer it to a personal Adobe account. 
How do I get help? If you have questions about your Adobe apps, please visit the Adobe Support page.

Key Benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud 

  • Latest and greatest of over 20 Adobe applications.
  • Develop your skills and search for tutorials, track your progress, or revisit completed lessons.
  • Organize and Sync files across your devices
  • Share & Discover creative work outside your organization
  • Create and edit PDFs and automatically convert form fields into fillable text fields. Online Help Guides

Download and Install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app

  1. Open and internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and visit
 website address
  2. Click on "Sign In" link (upper-right corner) Sign In link
  3. a. On the Adobe Sign in window, enter your SVSU email address then click the "Continue" button.

    b. Click "Company or School Account" Sign in enter your email address

  4. You are prompted to authenticate your account using Multi-factor Authentication
    SVSU - Verify your account

  5. Click the blue "Open" button under "Your Services". Open button

  6. Click the link "Install Creative Cloud app" Install Creative Cloud app

  7. The installation file will download automatically in Google Chrome.
    Note: In Firefox, when prompted click "Save File"
    adobe save installation file in Firefox

  8. Once the file is downloaded, double click the installation file it will end with .exe (Windows) or .dmg (Mac). After installation, you can find a desktop shortcut.

  9. Logging into Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app requires you to authenticate your login credentials, refer to Steps 3-4

  10. The Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app is now open.

    Creative Cloud Desktop Interface


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