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Who has access to Adobe Creative Cloud Suite?

SVSU staff and faculty have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite through their login credentials. The Enterprise license for Adobe includes a full suite of over 20 applications for graphic design, video editing, web development, and Acrobat DC for editing PDFs.

SVSU Role Adobe Creative Cloud
(Software Suite)
Spark Premium
Staff and faculty Office, Labs, Home Office, Labs, Home
Registered Students Labs only Labs, Home
You will need to enter your SVSU email address and verify your login credentials with Multi-factor Authentication. After validation, you will land on the Adobe home page.

Adobe Account Information – (IMPORTANT)

Existing personal Adobe ID? If you have an existing Adobe ID personal account, you may migrate your content to your SVSU Enterprise account, see this online Adobe article “Manual Migration of Files”.
How many devices can be logged into? Only two licenses (office, personal) can be simultaneously logged into. If installed and logged in on more than two devices you will need to sign out.
Leaving SVSU? Adobe offerings will not be available, you MUST download and save your content or transfer it to a personal Adobe account. 
How do I get help? If you have questions about your Adobe apps, please visit the Adobe Support page.

Install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop on a University-owned: Windows Computer

For a guided walk through view our installation guide "How to Install Available Software on University-Owned Computers," or view the quick steps below.

  1. Click the Windows or Search icon type in Software Center click the app to open it.
  2. From the Software Center window, click the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop icon.
  3. Click the Install button. You will see an installation status display.
  4. After installing Adobe Creative Cloud, you will need to restart your computer.
University-owned Mac.  You must install the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app from the new software portal. Open Finder > Go > Applications>SVSU Mac Self Service learn how to install applications supported for Mac Devices.

Install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop on your personal computer (

Before You Install Creative CloudCheck your system requirements on your computer to install the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app or the related Adobe apps.


  1. Open Google Chrome or Firefox and visit
 website address
  2. Click on the "Sign In" link (upper-right corner)
  3. a. On the Adobe Sign-in window, enter your SVSU email address then click the "Continue" button.

    b. Click "Company or School Account" Sign in enter your email address

  4. You are prompted to authenticate your account using Multi-factor Authentication.

  5. Click the blue "Open" button (example image below). Open button

  6. Click the link, "Install Creative Cloud app" Install Creative Cloud app

  7. The installation file will download automatically in Google Chrome, which you will see in the bottom-left of your browser.

Using the Firefox browser?  When prompted click "Save File". The file can be found in the upper-right of your browser under the arrow pointing down.

adobe save installation file in Firefox

Once the file is downloaded, double click the installation file it will end with .exe (Windows) or .dmg (Mac). After installation, you can find a desktop shortcut.

How to Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud icon on your desktop or Start menu (Windows), or from Applications (Mac).
  2. You will need to sign in to install the available Adobe apps.
  3. On the Adobe ID Sign In the window, follow these steps:
    1. Type in your SVSU email address
    2. Click "Company or School Account"
    3. You are prompted to authenticate your account using MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication.

How to Install Specific Adobe Applications

  1. In the left navigation, you will see all the Apps available for installation. 
  2. Click All Apps, or click the category in the left menu (i.e., Photo, Graphic Design, Video, etc.) to find a specific app.
  3. You can choose the app you want by clicking Install, you will see a progress bar.
  4. When installation has finished you will receive a notification and see the application in the list Installed Apps.
  5. You can Open your app from inside Adobe Creative Cloud or open it as a single application from your Windows or Mac computer.

An image: Adobe Creative Cloud Interface with call outs


Adobe App categories

You can install specific Adobe apps on your university or personal computer (Windows and Mac) some of the common categories are below.  As a reminder you can only be logged into 2 devices at a time. 

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Acrobat and PDF


Additional Adobe Resources

Adobe FAQs

Adobe Help and Learning

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