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Installing Approved SVSU Software on Office Systems

Several common or standard/approved software applications are made available to employees to install on their university computer, Windows or Mac. There are several policies and procedures that govern software use refer to the bottom of this article, Related Services, Policies and Procedures.  Some web applications, like Zoom, Webx, and most printer and device drivers can be installed on your own. The list below provides links to instructions and resources as applicable.

Quick Access Links

Important Note: If the software you need is not listed or if you run into an issue, please contact the IT Support Center at 989.964.4225 (x4225), or stop by the Zahnow Library, 1st floor. To submit a service request, click Create A Ticket and someone from ITS will follow up with you. 

Windows Devices

  On your computer desktop, you will want to open the Software Center, click on the Start button or click the Search icon  then type Soft. Click the Software Center app to open it.

Windows - Software University install

In the left menu of the Software Center, under Applications, you will find a list of software packages immediately available to for you to install/uninstall on your own. A sample of the software packages available in Software Center is found below, your list may be differ.

  • Select the application you need by clicking on it, when you do this, a new screen for installing will appear.  Click on the Install button.


  • If the application is already installed and you need to uninstall / reinstall, choose Uninstall option.  Then Install it as mentioned above.

Mac Devices

SVSU Mac Self Service is a new software portal for Mac devices, and requires all Macs to be enrolled by ITS prior to users accessing it.  All new systems will have it available.

  • Open Finder>Go>Applications>SVSU Mac Self Service

  • Spotlight search for SVSU Mac Self Service is an alternative.  You will find a list of software packages immediately available to you.  

  • Here is an example of software packages available in SVSU Mac Self Service, your list may be different. Click the Install button.

Admin By Request - for non-standard applications

Admin By Request (ABR) is a utility used by ITS to help facilitate software installations for SVSU faculty and/or for unique software needs.  Since computers no longer have administrator privileges, users must request assistance and permission to install software on the computers.  In some cases, the software may need to be elevated to run as an administrator.  In other cases, the software may have already been pre-approved for installation.  If you receive a prompt when using software, asking for administrator privileges, Admin By Request may be the bridge to help get the job done quickly.  

In essence, once ABR is installed, you may download software onto your system.  However, it's the installation process or execution of the software that will require permission to be run on the system.  The instructions that follow provide steps on how to request software to be granted permission. 

Please note: all software requests must be vetted for software compliance policy and does take time to review (plan in advance of your need and make sure you've done your homework as outlined in the Software Purchasing and Installation Policy).  

Related Services, Policies and Procedures

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