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Add New User To An Encrypted Mac

The Mac FileVault encryption solution does not allow new user profile creation to happen automatically.  The process requires two people - one user who currently uses the device, and the other being the new user needing access to use the device.

Admin by Request

When a user has a need to install software or run an application with administrative privileges, the user invokes the Administrator Access feature on a Mac or the "Run As Admin" feature on Windows. Currently reserved for faculty and select situations. If you have a software installation need, fill out the appropriate ticket for ITS assistance.

Clear Your Web Browser's Cache and Cookies and History

Find instructions for clearing the cache and cookies for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari for your desktop or mobile device.

Error: Assistive Technology not found:

The error originates when the new PaperCut client is installed and the user also has ImageNow.

How to Install a Network Printer for Windows

Instructions for installing a printer driver on a Windows office computer.

Install Office 365 on a Home Computer

SVSU faculty, staff and students can download and install the Office 365 suite on their home Win, Mac computers, or smart devices.

Microsoft Office error on Mac Run-time error 453

Microsoft Word error Run-time error 453.

Resetting Mac Keychain

On occasion, system password changes can lead to a broken Keychain on a Mac computer.  This often occurs when a user bypasses the prompt to update the Keychain password by clicking cancel, or by entering the wrong password.

Software - How to Install Available Software on University-Owned Computers

Several common or standard/approved software applications are made available to employees to install on their office computer system

Software Available on Campus (Install)

This article covers software that is available on campus.

Software Purchasing and Installation Policy

Software procurement and installation policy and procedures for university-owned equipment

SPSS blank screen or error at launch: : The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.

There is a known potential issue where after installing SPSS that it either fails to launch (just a blank screen) or it has an error pop-up stating the side-by-side configuration is incorrect.

Student Technology Recommendations

SVSU provides access to computers throughout campus (open access areas and kiosks near print release stations); students and their families often ask what kind of computers they might need for their coursework and we have some recommendations.

SVSU Standard Computer Hardware

SVSU standard computer & laptop ordering information, including add-ons/extras and printers.

Software for Computer Labs Guideline

Guideline for requesting software for computer labs.