University Communications Ricoh Printer setup

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These instructions will help install the proper driver and provide default configurations to ensure users can easily apply them across applications.

  1. Install the Printer Driver
    • Open Applications - SVSU Mac Self Service
      • Find the W389 Ricoh...Ucomm printer queue and install it
  2. Adjust System Preferences
    • Open Printers & Scanners
      • Change "Default Printer" to W389 Ricoh...Ucomm
  3. Open an Adobe Application like Acrobat
    • File - Print
      • Select Printer:  W389 Ricoh...Ucomm
      • Click Printer at Bottom of list
        • Click Layout
        • Choose Printer Features
        • Click Feature Sets - Basic
          • Choose Paper
            • Change Paper Type to Middle Thick
          • Click Print
        • Click Print
    • Open Current Settings; enter a custom name for the new pre-set
      (i.e., "2-sided Letter Pre-Set") and click Save
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