Colleague Communication Management: HTML Email Document Setup Best Practices


Follow these best practice steps to ensure that communications management email content is readable by all email clients and that the email is received by recipients.

Policy / Procedure

DPAR Form Setup:

From the DOC form, detail on ‘Document Paragraphs’, then detail into the main paragraph to access the DPAR form. Include the following lines before any other lines in the main paragraph text:

MIME-Version: 1.0


If the email should also be received by any carbon copy email addresses entered by the student, add the following line:


For example:

Remove any ‘From’ or ‘Subject’ html lines from DPAR if used. These lines are now entered on the ELMD form as shown below.

ELMD Form Setup:

From the DOC form, detail on ‘E-mail Document Options’ to access ELMD. Enter your desired ‘From’ email address into the ‘Return Address’ and ‘Reply-to Address’ fields, and your desired ‘Subject’ line into the ‘E-Mail Subject’ field on ELMD.

For example:


Article ID: 113123
Tue 8/4/20 2:19 PM
Mon 11/1/21 4:36 PM