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Pinned Article Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one work-space for file collaboration, instant messaging, audio or video calls, and screen sharing. Host departmental or cross-campus communication.

Colleague Communication Management: HTML Email Document Setup Best Practices

Best-practice steps to follow when creating a new Colleague Communications Management email document, or when troubleshooting why an existing document batch is not being received by recipients.

Download Security Guidelines

IT Services has developed these download security guidelines in response to concerns regarding the security of data downloaded from Colleague or other sources.

How Long to Retain Documents Scanned into Perceptive Content/ImageNow

Guidelines on how long to retain original documents scanned into Perceptive Content/ImageNow.

How to Create a PDF from a Colleague Report

Follow these steps to create a PDF for a Colleague report

How to Fix Colleague UI When it is Hung at the Blue Screen

If you are working off campus and Colleague UI hangs at the blue screen, try these steps to fix it.

How to Fix Perceptive Content Connection to the Server Error

if you are seeing the connection to the server has been disconnected (or similar message), follow these steps to change the server ID.