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Echo360 allows you to record in the classroom and on your computer. Learn different ways to record, how you can engage your students, watch training videos, and view support articles.
Details of Software:
Available - On Campus, for Home Use and an A-Z Listing
How to Install - On Campus, Home Use
For Computer Labs
Depending on how your Canvas course is structured, Echo360 provides multiple ways that to share content with your students.
Encrypt documents containing sensitive information.
This process is used to encrypt eMail attachments so that they can be sent securely to other people.
This document will outline the process to be followed for tracking the lifecycle of IT assets. IT assets include end-user devices, classroom technology, servers, networking devices, software and applications.
How to determine a Phishing or Spam email
Spam is any unwanted email. It is not necessarily malicious.
Phishing is malicious. It goes beyond spam and tries to either infect the computer with malware or steal login credentials.
A collection of questions and answers about Echo360 and how it works.
Use Acrobat to create PDFs from an Office application or export a PDF to an Office format, add fields to PDF documents to create user-friendly, fillable forms, combine several PDFs into a single PDF, reduce/compress your PDF file size, use Adobe Scan to create digital copies of documents and images.
Universal Capture Personal allows faculty to record video lectures on their machine asynchronously or Live Stream synchronously, from their office or any location. The interface is identical whether you are using a Mac or PC.
Echo360 Universal Capture Personal allows you to record synchronous or asynchronous lectures. This guide covers how to install the software on your computer.
This article covers the steps after you have had your Echo360 account created. Learn how to complete user registration (first-time use), reset your password, download Universal Capture, and sign up for workshops.
View the different methods of engaging your students with Echo360's active learning tools for before, during, and after class.
Install SPSS on a home Mac computer
SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences and it is a statistics software program that is used to analyze data.
Install SPSS on a Home Windows Computer
Classroom Capture will record everything you do on the computer screen and audio, there is not a camera so you will not be recorded teaching at the podium computer. Learn what to do with a scheduled class for your course.
You can view/download instructions on how to create an Ad-hoc capture in the classroom using an Appliance. Download the (PDF) instructions on the right side of the page under the Attachments section.
View or download instructions on how to use an Echo360 appliance in the classroom for scheduled recordings in room(s) C140, W115, and W226.
You can view/download instructions on how to create an Ad-hoc capture in the classroom using Classroom Capture.
View/download instructions on using an Echo360 appliance for scheduled/Live Stream recordings.
SVSU faculty, staff and students can download and install the Office 365 suite on their home Win, Mac computers, or smart devices.
The Files tool in Canvas provides online storage and file sharing in three places: Course Files, Personal Files, and Group Files. This article includes aspects of each place and offers alternative ways to share media with your students and not affect your course quota.
The purpose of the ITS Change Management Guidelines is to document the methodology, policies, procedures and processes to be used for ITS change management at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). This document is not meant to be a change management training document.
This is an internal ITS document and is not intended to be incorporated into the SVSU Operations Manual.