Perceptive Content/ImageNow Training and Support Policy (5.3-1)


To assure SVSU has an appropriate structure in place to provide continued support for users of Perceptive Content/ImageNow the University has adopted the support structure below. 

Policy / Procedure

  • Each department utilizing Perceptive Content/ImageNow has at least one staff member (non-student) (hence referred to as ImageNow specialist) that after being trained by ITS Enterprise Applications staff, is responsible for first line support for Perceptive Content/ImageNow issues in their department. 
  • ImageNow specialist(s) must be identified as part of the initial implementation for a department.
  • ImageNow specialists are also responsible for training additional and new staff members in their department, including student employees. 
  • ITS Enterprise Applications provides initial training to the ImageNow specialists, assist them with any issues that they cannot resolve on their own and provides secondary assistance with training additional staff as necessary.  ITS Enterprise Applications also provides initial training for view-only users. 
  • ITS Enterprise Applications normally only responds to Perceptive Content/ImageNow related calls from an ImageNow specialist and refers others to the ImageNow specialist in their department.
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