How to Request Access to Colleague, CROA, Dynamic Forms, EasySpooler, Informer or Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

Request Access to Enterprise Applications Software

Access to Colleague, CROA, EasySpooler, Informer and Perceptive Content (ImageNow) is requested by designated staff.  Please refer to the chart below for those who can submit requests and work with the designee(s) for your department.  Staff on the chart can use the 'Enterprise Applications Access Request' or 'Enterprise Applications Access Deactivation Request' service to request access changes.  Please submit changes to this list/chart by using the Colleague General Assistance or Perceptive Content (ImageNow) service.

Before access to Enterprise Applications software is given, employees must complete FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) requirements.  The FERPA form is available on the SVSU web in the HR site.  

Please allow up to 7 days for access requests to be completed.

Department Colleague, CROA, EasySpooler, Informer Designee Perceptive Content (ImageNow) Specialists
Academic Advisement Center Rachel Florence-Spaetzel, Gary Brasseur Gary Brasseur
Adjunct Faculty Services Ann Coburn-Collins, Debbie Rickert  
Administrative & Business Affairs Laine Blasch Laine Blasch, Chelsea Miller
Alumni Relations Nic Taylor, Jim Dwyer  

Maggie Willette

Kellie Lehner, Kristen Willert, Mary Walk
Bookstore Chris Pawloski, Nanette Neumeyer  
Campus Facilities Joel Kiss Kristine Beach, Laurie Siminske, Cathy Soto
Career Services Bill Stec Bill Stec
CML College of Health & Human Services Monika Sciba, Norma Jimenez, Amy Zastrow Norma Jimenez
College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences Tammy Deruyter Tammy Deruyter, Beth Mueller
College of Business & Management Cheryl Saffarian Cheryl Saffarian
College of Education Anne Reittenbach Keleen Marciniak, Sharon Carlin, Joan Garant, Anne Reittenbach
College of Science, Engineering & Technology Darlene Seegert, Tony Crachiola, Andrew Chubb  
Controller's Office Estee Bowman, Nicole Switalski Estee Bowman, Jane Anderson, Vera McCulloh-Pratt, Cathy Vaughan
Math & Physics Tutoring Center Amy Hlavacek  
Faculty Secretaries Tammy Elliott, Shelley Galarno  
Graphics Center   Angela Bublitz
Great Lakes Bay Early College Anne Reittenbach  
Housing Operations Dawn Iseler Dawn Iseler, Ryan McCracken, Kelly McQuarter
Human Resources Jennifer Neitzel, Corrie Piotrowski Jennifer Neitzel
Information Technology Services Jim Maher, Larry Emmons, Mary Aumann, Mike Holliday, Joe Wojkiewicz Mary Aumann, Laurie Bennett, Tish Yaros
Military Student Affairs Bethany Alford Bethany Alford
Office of Academic Affairs Tammy Elliott, Shelley Galarno Tammy Elliott, Alicea Moll
Office of Accessibility Resources & Accomodations Ann Coburn-Collins, Shawn Wilson, Debbi Abeare-Jacobs  
Office of Admissions Kellie Addis, Jennifer Pahl, Amy Koch Kellie Addis, Amy Borchard, Amy Koch
Office of Business Services Connie Schweitzer Judy Wojciechowski
Office of Diversity Programs Mamie Thorns  
Office of Institutional Research Nick Wagner  
Office of International and Advanced Studies Cheryl Purigroski, Kathleen Lanza Cheryl Purigroski, Kathleen Lanza
Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid Robert Lemuel, Cherie Reynolds, Jamie Borrello Robert Lemuel, Cherie Reynolds, Susan Fritch
Office of Sponsored Programs   Melissa Woodward
Office of Student Affairs Sidney Childs Marie Rabideau
Office of Student Life Jason Schoenmeyer  
Office of the President Mary Kowaleski  
Office of the Registrar Cliff Dorne, Dan Strasz Cliff Dorne, Dan Strasz
Office of University Communications JJ Boehm  
Residential Life Michele Gunkelman  
School & University Partnerships Dave Lewis  
Student Counseling Center    
SVSU Foundation Andy Bethune, Ann Schumann-Ousley Ann Schumann-Ousley, Suzette Zimmerman
The Conference Center Kristen Willert, Kellie Lehner Kristen Willert, Kellie Lehner
University Police Cody Roy, Chief Block, Marc Strain Cody Roy


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