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Resources to assist with the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor
SVSU provides access to computers throughout campus (open access areas and kiosks near print release stations); students and their families often ask what kind of computers they might need for their coursework and we have some recommendations.
Microsoft's Outlook app can add synced shared calendars from Office 365 at any permission level (view, edit, or delegate permissions), even accept shared calendar invitations and meeting requests from your mobile device.
All students rostered in a Canvas course have access to Echo360 content. They will not have a separate log in outside of their SVSU network password. Students can access Echo360 in a variety of ways in Canvas.
Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one work-space for file collaboration, instant messaging, audio or video calls, and screen sharing. Host departmental or cross-campus communication.
How to use the Canvas Conferences tool
Tools and resources for faculty and staff to teach and collaborate online.
SVSU standard computer & laptop ordering information, including add-ons/extras and printers.
MFA helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems. It requires SVSU users to present two pieces of evidence when logging in to any SVSU system. One piece of evidence will be the SVSU username and password. Users will choose the other method of evidence, or authentication, that best fits their lifestyle, from the available options. Without authentication, your log in will fail.
You can easily call a Lifesize contact, meeting or room system, invite participants to meetings, record and share meetings, chat and participate in Live, Lifesize, Stream events.
SVSU faculty, staff and students can download and install the Office 365 suite on their home Win, Mac computers, or smart devices.
Overview of SVSU supported tools for teaching.
Echo360 Universal Capture Personal is a simple video application for education that provides identical capabilities, and consistent user experience across Mac and PC. Universal Capture allows you to create videos in your office or anywhere off-campus. Record your screen, audio, and video from your webcam (optional). Videos are made available in Canvas. This guide covers how to install Universal Capture Personal on your university machine or personal machine.
Respondus 4.0 is used by instructors to create exam/quiz questions in Word and then upload them to Canvas.
There are two apps you can use to connect to a Lifesize meeting as a student or guest.  One is the desktop app (requires you to download and install a Lifesize application) and one is the web app (requires you to use Google Chrome). Guests and organizations may also connect to a Lifesize meeting using an in-room conferencing system.
The purpose of this Knowledge Article is to help SVSU employees stay organized by providing a common set of rules to apply when naming files. The conventions are primarily intended for use during the creation of word-processed documents, spreadsheets, presentations or other data files to be stored in a file storage location. Similar conventions should be applied to folders within a directory structure.
Several common or standard/approved software applications are made available to employees to install on their office computer system
This article covers the steps after you have had your Echo360 account created. Learn how to complete user registration (first-time use), reset your password, download Universal Capture, and sign up for workshops.
For security reasons implemented by Microsoft and SVSU all 3rd Party mail applications including: mobile device mail, and Apple Mail, and Thunderbird are unable to get SVSU Email and are not supported. Below are instructions for removing legacy Email settings from your phone or Mac OS computer. For the best user experience and security, use the instructions below to get Email and Calendar access using the Microsoft Outlook app.
Step by step instructions, students should follow, to join a Teams meeting, that their instructor sent to them via Outlook appointment.
Student/Attendee Guide to Joining a MS Teams Meeting that Originated in Canvas
SVSU staff and faculty have access to Adobe Creative Cloud software suite through their login credentials. The Enterprise license for Adobe includes a full suite of over 20 applications for graphic design, video editing, web development, and Acrobat DC for editing PDFs. This guide covers how to install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop on your personal computer for SVSU staff and faculty (Windows and Mac).
Use these instructions to get Email and Calendar access using the Microsoft Outlook app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.