MFA Set Up Instructions

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA, helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems. MFA combines the credentials you currently use to login to SVSU systems (ID and Password - things that you know), with a third factor (or method), which is something you have (like a cell phone).  Users will choose the other method of evidence, or authentication, that best fits their lifestyle, from the available options.  Without authentication, your log in will fail.

The premise behind MFA is that the bad guys can get your ID and Password, but it is much harder to get something that you have.

Set up MFA at .

Why does SVSU use MFA?

To better Protect YOUR identity, YOUR data, and the data that SVSU has about you.

Authenticator Mobile App Users

Should you get a new phone, you will need to install and re-activate the Microsoft Authenticator app. Please review your security questions and answers before purchasing a new phone as you will need this information to activate the Mobile App.

Smartphone Email Users

The Outlook email app is the only email app that ITS supports using with MFA.  iOS and Android users will not be able to use their native email apps after MFA is enabled.

First-Time, Mobile App, Setup Instructions

These are the recommended instructions.  For complete instructions see the MFA User Guide PDF in the attachments section.

Watch the Video on How to Set Up MFA

Mobile App Method

Get the Microsoft Authenticator app for your mobile device

1- Select “Skip” 2- Select “Add account”

3- Select “Work or School account” 4- Select “OK”

Visit the MFA website on a computer -

Change Method to “Mobile App”

Click Generate Activation Code

Make a PIN and Confirm the PIN

1- Scan QR Code with Camera  2- Scan complete when screen changes  3- Authenticate

Look for a notification on your device 4- Enter PIN created  5- Approve sign-in

Fill out all security questions.   Security questions are presented to you one minute after attempting to log in. At that time, the screen will display 2 of these 4 security questions.

This is the screen where you can manage your MFA account.


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