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Pinned Article MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) - Main Page

Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA, helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems.  It requires SVSU users to verify their account login using two layers of authentication. First, being your SVSU username and password. Second, is their two-factor verification from the available options. Without authentication, your log in will fail on any application that uses single sign-on for a SVSU system.

Accessing Spectrum U

Set up and log-in instructions for Spectrum U.

Employee Technology Access Policy (1.2-1)

This is a policy explaining when technology access is granted and removed for University employees.

Employee Transfers / Role Changes / New Hires

Employees that are hired, change roles or responsibilities, or leave university employment, often have different kinds of technology access/permissions that may need to change.  This may include a change or revocation of access to different resources, change of computer systems and/or relocation of equipment. To ensure smooth transitions, it is important for supervisors to consider and request changes in advance.

How to Request a Username Change

Username changes can be requested after a legal name change is processed. Proof of change must be provided (in person) to the appropriate offices identified below. Once the appropriate office has sufficient evidence of legal name change, they will require the individual to fill out a document to officially request the change.

MFA - Azure Cloud Migration | Authentication Methods

This article shows the changes to the sign in methods to verify your work or school account when logging into a SVSU service.

MFA - Manage Account Security Information and Sign-in Methods

Manage account security information and sign-in methods used to verify your account during MFA and Password Reset.

MFA - Oath Token Method Setup

This method authenticates your account using verification codes generated on the Oath Token.

MFA - Setting up Microsoft Authenticator app

Instructions on setting up the recommended sign-in method for MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator app.

O365 Licensing Process

O365 Licensing Process

PaperCut WebCashier (Library Student Employees)

The Library staff and their student employees provide a PaperCut Web Cashier service to students and library patrons to add money to their print balance and release print jobs for patrons.  This article will explain what is needed to manage and remove permissions or access.

Preparing your Account for Departure from SVSU

A new email address will be issued to retirees, or Alumni, at the end of their employment, by request only. Only retiring employees and alumni are eligible for an SVSU username beyond employment; other employees are not eligible​​​​​​​. The new username will include an email account only and does not include network storage, or Adobe or Microsoft 365 licensing. Upon departure, all employees relinquish access to the SVSU username/email address they held while employed.

Setting and Removing Personal Pronouns

Turn Personal Pronouns on or off for your SVSU account.

Student Technology Access Policy (1.1-1)

This policy explains when technology access is granted and removed for students.