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What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a lecture capture recording system that has an integrated Active Learning Platform (ALP) which is a robust audience response tool (instructor/student interaction before, during, and after class) that provides granular analytics, and the ability to support pushing grades to the LMS. Learn how to use it in your teaching.

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Getting Started with Echo360 

Get started with Echo360 by learning the fundamentals, how you can use Echo360 in your teaching, and recording on your computer.

Request an Echo360 Course

Each semester if you intend to use Echo360 in the classroom, live stream, or enhance student engagement utilizing the *Active Learning Platform (ALP) you need to request Echo360 in your course.  

Embed videos in Canvas. If you simply want to share videos without using the Active Learning Platform, you can embed your videos in Canvas. The embedded videos have Q&A to interact with your students view the embedded player. Embedded videos can be copied for future semester use without breaking links and provide user-specific analytics. 

Accessing Echo360 and Supported Browsers

An image: Echo360 browsers

Logging into Echo360. You can access Echo360 two ways from or by logging into your Canvas course.
Browsers. Firefox and Chrome are needed for Echo360 to work correctly.
Supported browsers are Firefox and Chrome (latest versions). DO NOT USE Internet Explorer or Safari
Update Firefox. Don't have it installed download Firefox.
Update Google Chrome or download Google Chrome.

Different Ways to Record Content with Echo360

Echo360 allows you to record content in the classroom and on your computer. Lectures can be recorded inside a classroom, in our recording studio, (Lightboard or Surface Studio), or outside of the classroom (on your computer). If you have recorded lectures using another system, you can upload them to Echo360 on your computer or use the Echo360 mobile app.

Public links WILL NOT be a feature in Q4: 2021 due to the enhancements to the Echo360 Embed button inside of the Rich Content Editor. If you are using public links see how you can easily embed videos in Canvas, the embedded media remains intact when copying/importing Canvas course content.

Classrooms and Live Stream

Teach as normal in your classroom just turn the system on, prepare your screen, and or documents, and teach. Depending on the room your teaching in the device instructions will vary, see the Classroom list of installed technologyTIP: Don't have multiple applications open, clean up your desktop.

During a Live Stream, you can monitor participants after class you can see unique views, date and time watched, and more (sample image below) within your Echo360 Library. You can engage your students during a Live class by adding polls to a PowerPoint or PDF before your scheduled class session.

View Live stream attendance after a live class session.


Edit Your Video or Transcript in Echo360

  • Video Editor: Edit your videos in Echo360. Trim the beginning and end of your video; chunk down longer videos to smaller segments with the built-in editor.
  • Transcript Editor: Automatic transcriptions can be applied to your videos (recommended when reusing content), edit your transcript for accuracy with the built-in transcript editor. If Automatic Speech Recognition is not turned on in your course request it to be enabled in your course.
Best Practices for Videos with Transcripts. Ensure that you edit your video first and make any necessary trims or cuts, then edit and finalize your transcript. Once done you can add embedded polling to your video.

Sharing Your Media/Content

There are multiple ways you can share content with your students. You can add embedded videos using the Echo360 embed button (a plug-shaped icon within Apps) inside of the Rich Content Editor. Embedding content does not take up the Canvas course storage they are stored in Echo360.

Student View LTI Error? Student View in Canvas does not work with Echo360, you will receive an LTI error. 
Sharing Content with other Echo360 users? You can share videos or other content from your library with other Echo360 users. Sharing with others doesn't provide them an email notification of the share, they can view the media when logging into Echo360.

Engagement and Analytics

Enhance student learning by embedding polls in a video or use the Active Learning Platform (ALP) to increase student engagement in synchronous or asynchronous classes. The ALP allows students to view content (video, presentation, interactive media) as needed, instructors can see student participation on who may, or may not be engaged. Learn the different ways you can add Echo360 content to your Canvas course based on your teaching style.

Embedded Polling

Embed polls directly into a video, share them in a Canvas content window, to an Echo360 class, or embed polling questions in a presentation in Echo360's Active Learning Platform (ALP). 

Active Learning Platform (ALP)

Embedded Polling in a presentation is one way to check for student understanding or you can use the Classroom Tools inside of Echo360's Active Learning Platform to hold synchronous or asynchronous class sessions featuring Q&A, live polling, or students can simply interact with class media. The Classroom Tools are available for instructors and students with slight differences, view an image of the Classroom Toolbar.

Official Echo360 Help Resources

Support for Instructors

Support for Students

Echo360's Active Learning Platform is where students can ask questions, participate in discussions and polling, indicate areas of confusion, take notes, bookmark specific areas of a recording, and more. Learn more about the student perspective and view the Echo360 Student Guide.

Echo360 FAQs

View a compilation of frequently asked questions at SVSU.

What's New with Echo360?

Enhancements: Last updated 4/07/2021

COMING SOON Q2. Echo360 WILL BE integrated with Microsoft Teams. You will be able to access your Library, Courses, Upload, Edit, or Create new media all from within Microsoft Teams. The Echo360 app will appear as a tab in the main left navigation or it can be added to a Teams channel. More details will be shared as we know them.

Pausing a video no longer stops and publishes when paused more than 20 minutes, it can be paused indefinitely. This applies to all capture methods.

The Polling Page (Echo360) library and Echo360 course will display a timestamp of the current time zone setting of the data being displayed.

Media Details Page (Echo360 Library) when downloading data from the Analytics tab the file (.csv) date will appear in the file name when downloaded.

Groups and the Media Editor now have the same look as the embedded player, the functionality of how both tools work has not changed.

Interactive media (videos with polls): The Polling tab for interactive media now provides summary information about student responses, just like Multiple Choice polls do. Ordered List, Image Polls, and Numerical Polls on both the Media Details page and in an Echo360 course/section

Universal Capture Personal software: All UC interfaces will display a Live or On Demand badge on the preview screen to show users the type of capture that will be created when the Record button is clicked. The publishing location will also be seen in the title area (the published location will be retained unless you change it.

Embedded Player: This player is seen when embedding Echo360 media in a Canvas content window, and when viewing interactive media (video with embedded polls) in an Echo360 course.  More enhancements are coming to the embedded player and will slowly roll out in the next few quarters. Learn more about viewing videos in the new Embedded Player.

To stay current register for the Echo360 What's New workshop, this will be offered each quarter.

Embedded Video Player

Echo360 Embedded Player Controls

Learn Echo360

Echo360 Teaching Webinar | Wed. 04/21/2021 | 11:00 A.M. EST
Register for Beyond COVID—Providing Student Choice in Course Delivery with Hybrid Teaching by Echo360. If you cannot attend be sure to register, they will email the recording to you.