Echo360 Capture Methods (Record, Stream, and Upload Video Content)

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In this article, you will see the different ways lectures can be recorded inside a classroom (view what equipment is installed in each classroom), in our recording studio, (Lightboard or Surface Studio), or outside of the classroom (on your computer). If you have recorded lectures in another system, you can upload them to Echo360.

IMPORTANT: Do not check grades, email, or anything confidential. All content is recorded and will be available to students. If you need to trim or cut sensitive information, you can use Echo360's online media editor.

Capture Appliance (Pod, Pro, or SCHD) 

An image of the Classroom view through the student perspective

A classroom recording/Live Stream from a Pod room. 
(click the image to enlarge)

Capture Appliance Records

  • all content sent through the projector
  • audio (USB microphone with directional 25 ft range)
  • pan-tilt-zoom camera installed on the side or back wall
  • can be scheduled by ITS (preferred method) or faculty can control the recording
  • all videos are accessible via Canvas
  • can record asynchronously, and synchronously (live stream)  
If projecting a guest laptop, it will be recorded. 

Classroom Capture (installed on the podium)

Classroom Capture Details page

Capture Details Page |  Example of Setting up an Ad-hoc recording in a Classroom
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Classroom Capture Records

  • computer screen 
  • audio (USB microphone with directional 25 ft range)
  • document camera captured through the computer (ImageMate)
  • can be scheduled by ITS or faculty can control the recording
  • all videos are accessible via Canvas
  • can record asynchronously, and synchronously (live stream)  
Have a guest laptop? If using a guest laptop, you won't be able to use the classroom peripherals (mic, doc cam, or camera) you will need to hook up your own and use Universal Capture Personal.  

Recording Studio

Student viewing a video in Echo360 of an Instructor using the Lightboard in our recording studio.
A video recorded in our studio using a Lightboard.
(click the image to enlarge)

  • Lightboard: Record a video to communicate technical diagrams or content.
  • Surface Studio: Record using Classroom Capture and annotate your screen content.
  • Whiteboard: Record yourself standing and writing on a whiteboard (physical) via webcam.
In the studio, you can record class lectures in a variety of ways. Our recording studio is well-suited for writing equations, drawing diagrams, etc; located in SE142 (training and appointment is needed.) Email or call x4225.

Universal Capture Personal (recording on your computer)

Student viewing a video in Echo360
A recorded video using Universal Capture Personal, with an added presentation with polling.
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Personal Capture Records

  • computer screen
  • audio (via microphone) system audio is optional
  • webcam (optional)
  • USB document camera (via software such as IPEVO)
  • you control the start and stop of your recording
  • all videos are accessible in Canvas
  • can record asynchronously, and synchronously (live stream)  
What are the system requirements? PC (Windows 10 64-bit) or Mac (OS X 10.14 and higher) ​​​
Have a Chromebook? Universal Capture Personal will not work on a Chromebook. 

Create a Video from a PowerPoint

How to save a PowerPoint Presentation as an MP4 and upload your video to your Echo360, view the different ways below to upload media to Echo360.

Upload Content Created Outside of Echo360

There may be content (e.g., video, audio, or presentation) you have created using another tool or method. You can upload media to Echo360 in 3 different ways.

Uploading Media

Limitations of Uploading Content

There is a file size limitation of 20 GB
when uploading media created outside of Echo360.​​ View the supported content formats

Uploading Videos using the Mobile App

Available for instructors, teaching assistants, and students.

You can upload videos from your smartphone or tablet. All content will upload to your Library. The app supports video uploads in these supported formats MP4, M4V, 3GP, and AVI file formats.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Amazon Kindle. Download the Echo360 mobile app. 

Limitations of the Mobile App

  • Live Streaming is not available, however, students can watch a Live Stream through a mobile browser. For the best experience, we recommend viewing a Live Stream class on a computer.
  • Interactive media cannot be viewed on the Echo360 mobile app. A computer browser or mobile browser must be used to view or respond to interactive media polls.
  • Other limitations of the Echo360 mobile app

Last updated: 6/3/2021