Echo360 Ad-hoc (non-scheduled) Appliance Guide


A room with an Appliance installed will record, your projected screen content from your computer, audio, and you teaching at the podium computer. We have over 75+ Echo360 Appliances installed on campus, view our Classroom Equipment and Technology Article. 

  • You will need the room link(s) provided to you in your ticket each time you want to capture your class.
  • View the PDF handout "Ad-hoc Appliance Guide" on the right side of the page  under the Attachments section.
  • View this video demonstration on using an Echo360 Ad-hoc Capture in an Appliance room.

Recording Sensitive Information

While recording your class lectures, do not check grades, email, or anything confidential which violates FERPA policy. All content is recorded and will be available to students whether scheduled to start automatically or started and stopped manually. 
Need to trim or cut out sensitive information? You can edit your video directly in your browser, view a library of help articles on using the Media Editor in Echo360.

Need IT Help?

For technical assistance, call the Support Center at 989.964.4225 (x4225), or by email at


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