Use Echo360 for scheduled or ad-hoc classes with Live Stream or without, students can rewatch your lectures and utilize the engagement tools (increases student learning/participation).

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Echo360 (EchoVideo): Ad-hoc (non-scheduled) Classroom Capture Guide

View or download the instructions on how to create an Ad-hoc capture in the classroom using Classroom Capture (software installed on the podium computer).

EchoVideo: Ad-hoc (non-scheduled) Appliance Guide

View/download instructions on how to create an Ad-hoc capture in the classroom using an Appliance (Pod/Pro). Download the (PDF) instructions on the right side of the page under the Attachments section.

EchoVideo: Classroom Recording Guides (scheduled or adhoc)

On this page find a list of all how-to guides when recording in a classroom whether they are scheduled by ITS or you are creating ad-hoc recordings in a classroom. You can find them here.

EchoVideo: Scheduled Appliance Guide (Pod/Pro)

View/download instructions on using an Appliance for scheduled class recordings. If you have Live Stream enabled for your classes students will see a Live badge on the classes list page and the view your classes remotely. You can combine student learning experience by using the classroom tools or embed presentations with polls or use both methods.

EchoVideo: Scheduled Appliance Guide for W115 and W226

View or download instructions on how to use an Appliance (Pod) in the classroom for scheduled recordings in room(s) W115 and W226.

EchoVideo: Scheduled Classroom Capture Guide

Classroom Capture will record everything you do on the computer screen and audio, there is not a camera so you will not be recorded teaching at the podium computer. This article walks you through the steps when you have scheduled classes with Classroom Capture installed in the podium computer. If you requested Live Stream to be enabled your students can view your class meeting(s) remotely.