Echo360 Classroom Recording Guides Using Echo360-Enabled Rooms

Request to record in the classroom

Request an Echo360 course - This form is needed each semester to Schedule, Record, or Live Stream a classroom lecture with Echo360. 

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you embedded your videos in Canvas, you DO NOT need to fill out this form. All content successfully imports to other courses, video views can be seen in your library.

Classroom Guides

View our Technology Enhanced Classroom Guide for a list of rooms and the technology installed. View our best practices when recording in the classroom

Appliance Capture Room (camera installed in room)

Rooms with Classroom Capture (no camera in the room)

Get Training and Support for Recording in the Classroom

If you need training or support on how to record in the classroom with Echo360, we offer in the classroom demonstrations each semester, you can register for a workshop at or email us at, contact us by phone at 989.964.4225.

Zahnow Library, First Floor

If the Zahnow Library is closed, the IT Support Center is closed. View Library Hours
*The IT Support Center is closed when the University is closed.


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