Echo360 Scheduled Classroom Capture Guide


All rooms with scheduled classes using Universal Classroom Capture (software installed on the podium computer) will automatically record your screen content and audio, it will start and stop at the designated times you requested for your classroom recordings. View our Classroom Equipment and Technology Article.

This article demonstrates what to do before class, during class, and after class when you have scheduled classes.

Recording Sensitive Information

While recording your class lectures, do not check grades, email, or anything confidential which violates FERPA policy. All content is recorded and will be available to students whether scheduled to start automatically or started and stopped manually. 

 Need to trim or cut out sensitive information? You can edit your video directly in your browser, view a library of help articles on using the Media Editor in Echo360.

Before Class

  1. Turn on the podium computer and log in.
  2. If you are using the document camera turn it on, and open the desktop shortcut "ImageMate." 
  3. Teach as you normally would all content is recorded. Open your PowerPoint, Microsoft application, PDF, or internet browser (what your recording for your students).
  4. The taskbar should show your recording started as shown in the sample image below.

Image Mate icon
An image: Echo360 Image Mate icon

The taskbar icon shows you are recording
An image: Echo360 Recording Started in the taskbar.

After Class

The computer needs to be logged in to upload your recording. 

  1. At the end of the scheduled recording time be sure to keep the computer turned on for 5-10 minutes to allow the class recording to upload to the Echo360 server and process to your course.
  2. If someone else is using the computer after your class and they sign into the computer your content will be automatically uploaded.
If the computer is not signed in (Classroom Capture Rooms only), the recording is missed and IT is alerted. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are missing a recording Create a support ticket here.


Stop, Pause, or Cancel a Classroom Recording

To stop, pause, or cancel the classroom recording double click the Echo360 icon on the desktop to open the software. You can click StopPause, or Resume as needed.

STOP ⏹️ (finalize and publish to your course)
PAUSE ⏸️ (your recording is paused until you click the red circle to record again)
DELETE  (cancels your recording, it cannot be recovered)

Clicking the X icon cancels your classroom recording/Live Stream recording it will not publish to your course.
An image: Echo360 Classroom Capture Stop Pause Recording

Echo360 Help Portal

Visit our Echo360 Help Portal (main page) for help guides, pre-recorded webinars, and learn what's new.


Need IT Help?

For technical assistance, call the Support Center at 989.964.4225 (x4225), or by email at


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