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Pinned Article Echo360 Help - Getting Started

Echo360 allows you to record in the classroom and on your computer. Learn different ways to record, how you can engage your students, watch training videos, and view support articles.

Echo360 404 Error Message in Canvas (displays instead of the embedded video)

Echo360 404 Not Found error message displays in Canvas when media has been removed from your Library.

Echo360 Active Learning Platform (Engagement and Analytics)

How to use the Active Learning Platform (Echo360 course) and gather classroom analytics and push participation points to the Canvas gradebook.

Echo360 Active Learning Platform (Overview)

Learn how to use the Active Learning Platform at a beginner level along with the different methods of providing Echo360 in your Canvas course.

Echo360 Ad-hoc (non-scheduled) Appliance Guide

You can view/download instructions on how to create an Ad-hoc capture in the classroom using an Appliance. Download the (PDF) instructions on the right side of the page under the Attachments section.

Echo360 Ad-hoc (non-scheduled) Classroom Capture Guide

You can view/download instructions on how to create an Ad-hoc capture in the classroom using Classroom Capture.

Echo360 Capture Devices (Record, Live Stream, and Upload Content)

Learn the different ways videos can be recorded or uploaded to Echo360. View the classroom grid on what equipment is installed in each room, including what type of Echo360 Appliance if applicable.

Echo360 Classroom Player for Instructors

The Classroom Player in your Echo360 course has many features surrounding the engagement tools, navigation, changing the layout options, and more.

Echo360 Classroom Recording Guides Using Echo360-Enabled Rooms

Review all our library of articles on recording with Echo360 in a classroom; whether they are scheduled by ITS or you are creating ad-hoc recordings.

Echo360 Collections - Share media with others at SVSU

Allows you to create a Collection (folder) in your Library which is a link to media that you can easily share with students or instructors outside of an Echo360 course.

Echo360 Embed Polls in a Video or Presentation

This article will show you how to engage students with polls by embedding them in a video or a presentation (PowerPoint or PDF) in your Echo360 course class.

Echo360 Features and Updates for Instructors

Keep up-to-date with the latest enhancements, see what is coming soon, various ways you use the Active Learning Platform, how you can check for student understanding utilizing polls, and access all our Echo360 Help Requests.

Echo360 Instructor FAQ

A collection of questions and answers about Echo360 and how it works.

Echo360 Instructor How-to Videos

In this article you will find quick mini videos on how to get the best use out Echo360 from creating content, managing media, editing your media, different methods of sharing, engaging students with polls, viewing analytics, and more.

Echo360 Live Streaming Your Classes

Access your live stream class and view active participants, use the classroom tools, poll your students, and view during and after class attendance.

Echo360 Next Steps for Instructors

Learn the basics of getting started with Echo360 Lecture Capture. Faculty need to register for the "Getting Started" workshop to obtain their user account. Echo360 is cloud based (accessed in your browser) it supports the creation of lecture videos and promotes active learning.

Echo360 Scheduled Appliance Guide (Pod/Pro)

View/download instructions on using an Echo360 appliance for scheduled/Live Stream recordings.

Echo360 Scheduled Appliance Guide for W115 and W226

View or download instructions on how to use an Echo360 appliance in the classroom for scheduled recordings in room(s) W115 and W226.

Echo360 Scheduled Classroom Capture Guide

Classroom Capture will record everything you do on the computer screen and audio, there is not a camera so you will not be recorded teaching at the podium computer. This article walks you through the steps when you have scheduled classes.

Echo360 Student Guide

All students rostered in a Canvas course have access to Echo360 content. Students do not have a separate log in outside of their SVSU network password. Students can access Echo360 in a variety of ways in Canvas.

Echo360 Student Guide Turning on Closed Captions

Learn how to turn on Closed Captions (CC) in the video player in Echo360, change the text size, contrast, position to where CC display on the video.

Echo360 Student Guide: Accessing a Course and Navigating the Classroom Player

This article is overview of how a student accesses a Echo360 course class and shows how to navigate the Classroom player and its tools.

Echo360 Student Guide: Classroom Toolbar

Get familiar with the student perspective of using Echo360's Classroom Tools.

Echo360 Universal Capture - Record on your Computer (PC or Mac)

Universal Capture software allows faculty to record synchronous or asynchronous class lectures on their computer, from their office, home, or any location.

Echo360 Universal Capture (UC) Personal Software: Installation Guide

Echo360 Universal Capture Personal allows you to record synchronous or asynchronous lectures. This guide covers how to install the software on your computer.

Echo360 Video Editor (trim, cut, combine, and add a custom thumbnail)

Learn how to edit your video in Echo360 video editor, there is no software to download, works in your browser; Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended (latest version).

Echo360 Viewing Analytics for All Media Posted to Canvas

Easily access a consolidated overview of all video views and polling analytics in Echo360, choosing your course allows you to see an overview of all data, or you can select specific media and review its data, click the Analytics button in the top menu (left of the Create button).

Echo360: 403 Forbidden Error Message (displays if you used public links)

Echo360 displays a 403 Forbidden error in Canvas or other locations where an Echo360 public link was previously used. Media stored in Echo360 must be shared with students by embedding media in Canvas or sharing to an Echo3620 course

Echo360: Archived Feature Release Notes

This article contains a list of all the previous fixes, feature releases, and major enhancements for Echo360. To stay current register for the "Echo360 What's New" workshop, this is offered in the Fall and Winter semester.

Echo360: Change the Quality of Playback inside of the Classroom Player

This article shows you how to change the Classroom player quality to view your class recording in a higher or lower network quality.

Embed Echo360 Media in Canvas (recommended when using Modules)

If you use Modules to structure your course material and use Echo360 for recording your class lectures, use the Echo360 embed plugin within a Rich Content Editor in Canvas (e.g., Assignment, Discussion, Page, etc.) which allows students to watch your videos as much as they need to. The embedded video player meets accessibility needs.

Making Echo360 Content ADA Compliant

Learn how to make your content in Echo360 ADA compliant for all learners.