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Create EchoVideo Content for Faculty

Find articles related how to create content with EchoVideo whether you're recording in the classroom, recording personal lectures, or in our AV Studio.

Capture Classroom Lectures for Faculty

Use Echo360 for scheduled or ad-hoc classes with Live Stream or without, students can rewatch your lectures and utilize the engagement tools (increases student learning/participation).

Manage EchoVideo Content for Faculty

Find articles on how to manage and edit your media, (trim, cut, combine, etc.), use the transcript editor, create Collections to share media with others, or publish media to a course.

View Analytics in EchoVideo for Faculty

Find articles that show you how to monitor student participation whether viewing individual media analytics or course media analytics (utilizes an Echo360 course).

Use an EchoVideo Course for Faculty

Find articles on how to add media to an Echo360 course, create a Class or Class group, manage the Class List in your course, and get to know the virtual Classroom player and its features.

Sharing EchoVideo Content for Faculty

Explore the different methods of sharing content to Canvas, embed your media or share to a course.

Using the Active Learning Tools and Polls in EchoVideo for Faculty

Explore how to enhance student engagement with the integrated active learning tools in a classroom or use embedded polls.

EchoVideo Help Guides for Students

Get started with EchoVideo as a student. Access recordings from within Canvas, watch a video and search the transcript, take Notes, ask questions, participate in interactive polls, and more.

EchoVideo LTI Error Messages seen in Canvas

Understand the message box alerts you may see in Canvas.

Articles (5)

Pinned Article EchoVideo Help - Main Page

This article is for faculty already using Echo360 (EchoVideo). Learn different ways to record, manage, edit your media or transcript, tools/tips to engage your students, and what enhancements are new and coming.

Pinned Article EchoVideo: Quick Guide for Instructors (Getting Started)

Learn the basics of getting started with Lecture Capture. Faculty will obtain their user account after attending the "Introduction" workshop. EchoVideo is cloud based (accessed in your browser) it supports the creation of lecture videos and promotes active learning. EchoVideo integrates with Canvas, Teams, OneDrive, and Zoom.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): FAQ for Instructors

Explore a collection of questions and their answers when using Echo360 (EchoVideo) in your teaching.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): Instructor How-to Videos

View bitesize how-to videos on creating content, managing media, editing your media, different methods of sharing, increasing student learning with polls, monitoring student performance via Analytics, and more.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): What's New for Instructors

Keep up-to-date with Echo360 (EchoVideo) latest enhancements and features for 2023.