Get started with EchoVideo as a student. Access recordings from within Canvas, watch a video and search the transcript, take Notes, ask questions, participate in interactive polls, and more.

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Echo360 (EchoVideo): Change the Playback Quality of Video Inside of a Course

This article shows you how to change the Classroom player quality to view your class recording in a higher or lower network quality.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): Student Guide

All students rostered in a Canvas course have access to Echo360 content. Students do not have a separate log in outside of their SVSU network password. Students can access Echo360 (EchoVideo) content in a variety of ways inside of Canvas.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): Student Guide - Accessing a Course and Navigating the Classroom Player

This article is overview of how a student accesses a Echo360 (EchoVideo) course and shows how to navigate the video player inside of a class and use the Classroom engagement tools (upper-right of your screen).

Echo360 (EchoVideo): Student Guide - Classroom Toolbar (each feature defined)

Get familiar with the student perspective of using Classroom Toolbar within a Echo360 (EchoVideo) course. Learn how to take Notes, Bookmark content, ask Questions, access or comment in a discussion, view a transcript, or mark class content as confusing. Any notes or bookmarks you make creates a study guide for you; helping you quickly view your class participation and retain class lesson topics.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): Student Guide - Turning on Closed Captions

Learn how to turn on Closed Captions (CC) in the video player in Echo360 (EchoVideo), change the text size, contrast, position to where CC display on the video.