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What is Echo360?

Echo360 is an online learning platform integrated into Canvas, many instructors post lecture recordings or presentation slides allowing students to watch recorded lectures or view live classes. Additionally, instructors can post content that is supplemental to the lesson, exam reviews, reinforce a topic, and more. 

You can playback the class lectures as often as needed, use the Classroom Tools to ask questions, take notes, participate in class discussions, use the flagging system to mark any content you feel is confusing, and bookmark sections within lectures so you can go back and review them. Taking notes and making bookmarks will allow you to make a study guide.

How do I access Echo360?

All students in a Canvas course have access to Echo360 content. Students will not have a separate log in outside of their SVSU network password. Students can access Echo360 in a variety of ways in Canvas depending on the instructor; for an entire term of lecture recordings/presentations or by the individual class session in an assignment or module.

What Browsers are Recommended for Echo360 (most recent version):

  • Chrome and Firefox

Some browsers may need to have Cookie settings configured (help guides below): 

Accessing media through Echo360

  • Echo360 LTI (Canvas Side Bar Navigation): You will be directed to the Classes page with a list of all the media your instructor has shared with you.
  • Assignment: You would view the lecture recording or presentation slides within the Assignment.
  • Module: You would view the lecture recording or presentation slides within the Page.

Echo360 tab in Canvas course navigation (primary method) 

Access Echo360 in the course navigation in Canvas, the location of the Echo360 tab will depend on your instructor.

To enter the class session, click the class row to enter the virtual classroom. Icon colors are defined in below:

  • Green: Content is available to view.
  • Gray: Content has been viewed.
  • No icon: Content is not available (instructor has made it unavailable)

Click Echo360

Echo360 Classes List (Overview)

An image of how to access Echo360 in Canvas course navigation An image of the Student Class list overview


How do I join a Live class?

  1. Click Echo360 tab in the Canvas course navigation, (left menu).
  2. You will see a LIVE green badge next to the class name. If the class is happening now, there is a green dot to the left of the class name, as shown in the below figure.
  3. Click the class row to enter the virtual classroom.

An image of Classes list page LIVE examples

How do I see who is viewing the Live Class?

At the top-right you will see a Live Attendance button (two-person icon) that displays the number of students or instructors actively viewing the LIVE class session.

An image of the Live Participants via the Classroom toolbar


How do I view the Live Stream?

Live streams will not auto play, clicking Show Live Stream will allow you to see the stream. Click Show Live Stream (bottom-left corner). See example image below.

An image with how to Show Live Stream in Echo360's Classroom Player

Watching a live class cannot be rewound/fast forwarded, its real-time. If you find the Live Stream becomes out of sync due to your network connection, the Live Stream will provide a "catch up button" and you will be able to view playback.

Classroom Tools

When you are viewing a recorded/Live class session. There are a set of Classroom Tools at the top-right of your screen, these tools allow you to ask questions, participate in discussions and polling activities, take notes during a lecture, bookmark parts of a recorded lecture for future review, flag content that is confusing (this notifies your instructor), and view other classes in your course. ​​​​​

Important Things to remember for Live Classes

  • There is no time stamp on Notes that are taken during a Live Stream class.
  • Questions and Discussion posts cannot reference time stamps and video location.


View Echo360's support articles on an overview of the Class List, Classroom Tools, and participating in a Class:


Responding to Interactive Slides

Instructors may post polling questions in presentation slides to gather feedback and assess your learning.

Responding to Activity Slides

Create a Study Guide

Any notes you have taken and bookmarks you have made from a class session will allow you to create a study guide for easy review of the class material. You can even download a text version of your notes which includes time stamps corresponding to the class session.

View Echo360's support article's on taking notes and using the Study Guide

How does my instructor grade online participation with Echo360?

Echo360 does track the classes you watch and participate in. It would depend on your instructor how they grade your participation. Some may grade on the following metrics:

  • Attendance: Whether you opened a class session during the specified day and time.
  • Video and Presentation Views: The lecture recording was viewed in its entirety or you've clicked through the slide presentation. You can pause at any time, Echo360 will remember where you left off.
  • Q&A: Questions can be asked during a class session or you can reply to the class discussions.Questions you post can be public or anonymous to the entire class.
  • Notes: The built-in note taking feature allow you to take notes, they are time stamped. Notes can be downloaded in a text version (time-stamps are included).
  • Activities: Slide presentations may include activities (embedded quiz questions) that you need to participate in such as multiple choice, ordered list, short answer, image quiz, and numerical value. They may even provide you a external video to watch right in Echo360. ​​​​ NOTE: To be graded for activity participation, it is very important that you click the blue SUBMIT button or your response will not be recorded.


Download the free Echo360 Mobile App

View recorded lectures and presentations on the go with the Echo360 Mobile app, and ask questions/participate in discussion via your smart phone or tablet.


  • NO DIRECT LOGIN: Users who log into a Learning Management System (LMS) like Canvas access Echo360 and therefore do not log directly into Echo360 would need to establish their own Echo360 password. You can use the same password as your SVSU email, or create a new password for Echo360. Your Echo360 password MUST meet the following specifications see help guide Creating an Echo360 Password for Direct Login or Mobile Apps.
  • NO LIVE STREAM SUPPORT: Currently the Echo360 mobile app does not work with viewing Live Stream class sessions. You can use the native browser on your mobile device. However, it is best practice is to log into a computer.

Echo360 Mobile App Guides



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