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Creating a Collection is another way you can share media with others outside of a Echo360 (EchoVideo)course, Anyone with an instructor role in can create a Collection. The media added to a Collection is a way to organize media for a specific course or topics.  You can add members to a Collection with various permissions that you can assign to each member. 

** Helpful tip: Collections can be created to share with specific instructors and collaborate, or shared with students for any reason (e.g., missed classes, after a term ends, etc.)

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Features of a Collection

  • A Collection allows you to bulk add media to quickly share with others. 
  • The media in a Collection can be easily shared with other instructors or users with an Echo360 account. You can set permissions for what they can do with the media.
    • There are various preset roles that you can choose from or you can set custom permissions for each member you share a collection learn more about Roles and Member Permissions.
    • The Post permission means the member can post to an Echo360 section or embed in Canvas using the Echo360 embed button in the toolbar. Does not include: Library Collections cannot be embedded in Canvas yet, that is a feature that is coming in a future deployment.
  • Watch the demo video: "Collections will have new capabilities rolled out in future releases".

Creating a Collection

All instructors in Echo360 (EchoVideo) can create a Collection within their Library from the Collection tab. You become the manager of the Collection where you can choose who you want to share your media with. Type in a short and concise Collection Title (up to 200 characters), then type in a Description (up to 2,500 characters) so that users know what the Collection contains. 

Echo360 Collections (Library interface)

Use Cases for Creating a Collection
• Share media with other instructors in your department or give users specific permissions outside of a Echo360 course. Choose from pre-configured or customize the Access level.
• Share media with students that need to take an incomplete and need access outside of term that has ended. Students will access outside of Canvas via

Adding Members to a Collection

Click the Membership tab, and then click the + Member button (right of your screen) to add a user to a Collection. ** Special notice: Remember, the individual you are sharing with must already have a Echo360 (EchoVideo) user account. The Add Member window opens, type in the username, and select their name from the list. After adding the member, choose the Access Level you want for them, and click Add Member. Do this for each member you want to add to the Collection. Explore how Adding Users to a Collection.

Roles and Permission within a Collection

Echo360 Collection Roles and Permissions table
*Permissions can also be custom set outside of the default settings for each role.

Adding Media to a Collection

The Collection manager and member(s) with Add & Upload permission can add media to a Collection. 

To add media to a Collection click the + Add Media button, a list of items in your Library will display by default or you can Upload New Media. You can add one or more pieces of media, click the empty check box to the left of the media name. You can search by keyword, sort by Date, use the scroll bar to locate your media, or use the filter (funnel icon) to isolate your search to specific media types or content. Explore Adding Media to a Collection.

Note: The media name will show the same title as in your Library, if you need to edit the name or description open the Media Details dialog box and select Edit Details.

Other ways to add media in your Library to a Collection
Thumbnail in your Library: Select any thumbnail (media tile) in your Library (three dot menu ), and select Add to Collection, then select the Collection you want to add it to. 
Media Details page: Click the Share icon, then choose the Collection tab. In the Share with box choose the Collection you want to share the media to. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of the Media Details page and in the Share with box select the Collection from the menu.

Accessing a Collection (you own or that has been shared with you)

Your Collections of media that you own or has been shared with you will be seen in the Collection panel. Click Echo360 tab in Canvas's course menu to access Echo360 (EchoVideo) or if you are logged into 

  • Instructors, TAs: Will have a Library tab and see the Collections panel displaying Collections of media they own or that they are a member of. Click the Collection to open it.
  • Students: Do not have a Library tab, but will see a Collection tab in the top menu. They will see the Collection they have access to. Click the Collection to open it.

Echo360 accessing a collection as a student

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