Find articles on how to manage and edit your media, (trim, cut, combine, etc.), use the transcript editor, create Collections to share media with others, or publish media to a course.

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Echo360 (EchoVideo): Collections - Share media with others outside of a course

Allows you to create a media Collection in your Library to share with instructors or students outside of an Echo360 (EchoVideo) course. You can set various permissions for what they are allowed to do with your media.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): Use the Transcript Editor to Make Content ADA Compliant

Learn how to make your content in ADA compliant for all learners. The transcript editor allows editing in the browser, search and replace commonly misplaced words, apply closed captions your video, download a script for video, and more.

Echo360 (EchoVideo): Using the Video Editor

Explore how to edit your video using the video editor, there is no software to download, it works in your browser. You can trim, cut, combine, and add custom thumbnails to your video. NOTE: Supported browsers are Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended (latest version).

EchoVideo: Access Content within Microsoft Teams

Explore how to view and access EchoVideo inside of Microsoft Teams.

EchoVideo: Sync your Teams Meeting Recordings or a OneDrive folder(s) to your Library

Set up automatic copying of your recorded class meetings from Teams to your Library. Then, share your videos with students in Canvas Modules or to an EchoVideo course.

Teams Meetings Recordings: Downloading Transcripts to Add to your Media in EchoVideo

This article shows you how to download a transcript from Stream (on SharePoint) and add it to your media in EchoVideo Library.