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How to Report a Phishing Email
Scheduling Poll app integrates with your Outlook calendar and is easy to use. The Scheduling Poll app provides the organizer a convenient way to schedule appointments with attendees of calendars you have available to you and propose meeting times to people outside of the organization.
Use these methods to encrypt email messages and/or attachments for secure sending to other people.
To prevent an email from going into Quarantine or Junk email.
Add Users to Shared Office 365 Email
Instructions on setting up the recommended Mobile App method for MFA.
Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA, helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems.  It requires SVSU users to present two pieces of evidence when logging in to any SVSU system.  One piece of evidence will be the SVSU username and password.  Users will choose the other method of evidence, or authentication, that best fits their lifestyle, from the available options.  Without authentication, your log in will fail on any application that uses single sign-on in your b
Upon retirement, employee passwords are changed and access to their accounts is removed. Since you will no longer have access to services that had been provided by SVSU, we suggest you take the steps outlined on this page to replace the services.
Frequently asked questions specifically regarding Outlook Desktop Version.
For security reasons, SVSU blocks certain file types from being sent in Outlook. This helps keep viruses from spreading, and keeps users' computers and accounts safe.
Instructions on installing the Zoom Add-In for Outlook Desktop Version
For security reasons implemented by Microsoft and SVSU all 3rd Party mail applications including: mobile device mail, and Apple Mail, and Thunderbird are unable to get SVSU Email and are not supported. Below are instructions for removing legacy Email settings from your phone or Mac OS computer. For the best user experience and security, use the instructions below to get Email and Calendar access using the Microsoft Outlook app.
Best-practice steps to follow when creating a new Colleague Communications Management email document, or when troubleshooting why an existing document batch is not being received by recipients.
The president and other’s email has been spoofed for phishing attacks.  This procedure provides guidance and instructions on how ITS will handle anti-spoofing for Executive Level email accounts that are the subject of spoofing