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Multi-Factor Authentication known as MFA, helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems.  It requires SVSU users to verify their account login using two layers of authentication. Without authentication, your log in will fail on any application that uses single sign-on for a SVSU system.
Instructions on setting up the recommended sign-in method for MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Scheduling Poll app integrates with your Outlook calendar and is easy to use. The Scheduling Poll app provides the organizer a convenient way to schedule appointments with attendees of calendars you have available to you and propose meeting times to people outside of the organization.
At SVSU, we prioritize security. One of the ways we demonstrate this is to make sure our organization and user's data does not fall into the wrong hands. We have turned on automatic email and attachment encryption for messages that contain personally identifiable information as well as financial data.
Encrypt documents and email messages containing sensitive information.
The president and other’s email has been spoofed for phishing attacks.  This procedure provides guidance and instructions on how ITS will handle anti-spoofing for Executive Level email accounts that are the subject of spoofing
If you receive a Phishing email, please report it to IT Support Services by following the instructions for the version of Outlook you use.
A new email address will be issued to retirees, or Alumni, at the end of their employment, by request only. Only retiring employees and alumni are eligible for an SVSU username beyond employment; other employees are not eligible​​​​​​​. The new username will include an email account only and does not include network storage, or Adobe or Microsoft 365 licensing. Upon departure, all employees relinquish access to the SVSU username/email address they held while employed.
Frequently asked questions specifically regarding Outlook Desktop Version.
Save a Copy of an Email from Outlook to Local Computer
Best-practice steps to follow when creating a new Colleague Communications Management email document, or when troubleshooting why an existing document batch is not being received by recipients.
O365 email policy
To prevent an email from going into Quarantine or Junk email.