Outlook 2016 Desktop Version FAQs

How do I get started with Outlook Mail?

Outlook's main purpose is to allow you to easily read, send and reply to or forward email messages. 

MS Outlook support page

MS Outlook quick start page

The contact I am trying to email is not appearing in the auto-suggestion list. How can I expand the search?

Hit CTRL+K on your keyboard to run Check Names and expand the search.  The contact you are looking for should appear in the auto-suggestion list.

How do I add a signature?

A signature file is text that inserts itself at the end of your email. It usually contains your contact information so that recipients can identify your messages and contact you as necessary. 

MS create a signature support page

How do I set up an automatic (out of office) reply?

Auto-reply messages are excellent for immediately alerting those sending an email to you especially if there will be delays in a reply due to an absence or vacation. Turn on auto-reply to tell senders when you are on vacation or out of the office and answering questions on your behalf in the short-term. The emails sent to you will still be sent to your inbox.

MS automatic reply support page

How do I create a rule to organize incoming messages?

A rule can perform a specific action on an email, as it is received, based on criteria that you set. For example, if you want emails from John Smith moved into a folder named "John Smith", when the email is received, you can set that up. You can also forward emails to other accounts, delete them, etc. 

MS rules support page

MS video support on creating rules

How do I manage my address book / contacts in the People app?

Create Contacts and Contact Lists to help you stay in touch with your important contacts.

MS Contacts support page

How do I share a folder with other people?

Sharing a folder in Outlook allows multiple people access to messages for reference, efficiency in replying to important office email and other shared office tasks.  There are two parts to sharing a folder successfully; part one involves sharing a specific folder, part two involves making the higher-level folders visible.  See related Knowledge Article.

How do I share a Contact Folder?

Contacts and contact lists can be shared if stored within a folder.  The folder is then shared to other Outlook users.

MS shared contacts support page

I accidentally deleted an email (or folder). How can I get it back?

Messages that have been deleted move to the Deleted Items folder.  They remain there for five years unless you manually empty your Deleted Items folder or delete select messages.  Outlook allows you to recover messages that have been removed (emptied) from the Deleted Items folder within the past 14 days.

MS recover deleted items support page

How do I access a service account mailbox and "Send on Behalf Of" that account?

Some employees have access to other mailboxes. For example, if you work in the IT Support Center, you may have access to the support@svsu.edu email address. Access to this mailbox would need to be approved by the owner of the mailbox and set up by a system administrator.

MS shared mailbox support page

Intermedia instructions for Send on Behalf