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Stay on top of important dates with the Outlook Calendar.  Book individual or recurring activities, schedule an appointment with others and set reminders. 

Create a Teams online appointment from within Outlook

View the MS Support page to see how to turn on Teams meetings for Outlook appointments as well as how to make this option your default.

MS Support Instructions

Set Meeting Options for a Teams Meeting

Teams Meeting Options allow you to adjust the way some things work within a Teams meeting, like who can share their screen, has recording ability, or waits in the lobby.  In addition to these options, there are many others, including setting the meeting to record automatically.

MS Support Instructions

As a student, limit who can view your calendar availability

If you do not want others to be able to see the appointments in your calendar, but still want to use its functionality, update your privacy settings. Students may change their privacy settings so their calendar appears blank. This allows you to schedule and view your calendar events as usual, but others will not see them.  For instructions, see the related article titled Student Calendar Privacy Settings - Outlook.

As an employee, limit who can view your calendar availability

The Office 365 Calendar is a convenient way to keep all your appointments in one place. The ability for SVSU users to view the availability of a faculty or staff member is an efficient way to conduct business. Viewing availability means that users can see if a specific time is set as free or busy on another's calendar. They cannot see the appointment name or the location unless the calendar has been shared with them. You can mark a specific appointment as "Private" which will prevent visibility into any details of that appointment (even from those that have "full details" access to your calendar). ITS may change an employee's privacy settings if there is a security or safety concern having busy/free information available.

To change an employee's privacy settings for Calendar, a ticket must be submitted by the employee's supervisor at

Share your calendar with other people

By default, anyone from SVSU who is using Office 365 will be able to see your free/busy information. If you would like to give other people, who are using Office 365, the ability to view additional details or modify your calendar, you will need to share your calendar with them.

MS Support Page for sharing a calendar from the Desktop Version

MS Support Page for sharing a calendar from Outlook on the Web

Access shared calendars from individuals or service accounts

Regarding service accounts, if you don't have access to a service account calendar, contact your supervisor who can request that ITS provide access. 

For both service accounts and individual shares, you should receive an invitation to accept the calendar.  Click the accept button to open the calendar in your calendar app.  Read more about how to do this at this page , in the section called “Add another person’s calendar to your calendar view”.  The accept button should be available from within Outlook on the Web, Desktop Version and the mobile app.

If the share is not a new share, you will not receive the option to accept the calendar.  In that case, you can add a shared calendar by following these steps; Outlook on the Web, Desktop Version.  For instructions on adding a shared calendar to the Outlook App, see the related article titled, Outlook Mobile App - Add Shared Calendars.

Add an .ICS calendar to Outlook Client

Subscribing to an iCal is a good way to track events that change frequently, like movie times, or a school calendar. Whenever the owner of an iCal you've subscribed to makes changes to the events, updates your calendar. Note that this update can take more than 24 hours.  Follow instructions on this MS Support page.

Become an owner of a conference room, or change owners

All requests to change ownership of conference rooms should be made by opening an IT ticket at .


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