Student/Attendee Guide to Joining a MS Teams Meeting that was Sent Via Outlook

  1. Go to and click Quicklinks-Email.
  2. Use the App Launcher menu (waffle at top left) to select Calendar.
  3. Find the appointment that was sent to you for the date/time of the class meeting.  Note that the appointment will be in your calendar only if you have Accepted the appointment from your Email message!  If you don't see the appointment, check your messages.
  4. There are two versions of MS Teams.  One is a Desktop Version, the other is the Web Version.  If you don't have Teams Desktop Version installed, the meeting should open in your web browser.  If you get offered a choice to install the Desktop Version or Join on the Web, decide if you feel comfortable downloading and installing the Desktop Version or not.  Either version works well!
  5. UPON JOINING the meeting, please mute your microphone until it is your turn to speak.  This will help reduce audio interruptions.
  6. When you hover your cursor over the meeting, the Teams toolbar will appear.  Options available in the toolbar are:
  • Show/hide web cam
  • Mute/Unmute mic
  • Share your screen/application. This is available to Presenters.  Please don't share your screen until you are asked by your instructor.
  • "..." this is the more menu - A recording option is available to Presenters in this menu. Please DO NOT start or stop the recording unless your instructor asks you to do so!
  • Chat bubble - hide/show the group chat - USE THIS if you are experiencing audio trouble so your instructor will know to slow down if necessary.  You can also ask questions of the instructor or other students in this box.  It is a nice place to communicate without disrupting the class.
  • Participant icon - hide/show the participant list


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