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Important Note about Breakout Room Recordings

For the best experience of viewing the recordings, after the meeting, Breakout Room recordings should be stopped BEFORE CLOSING the Breakout room.  By telling the recording to stop prior to closing the Breakout room, you will cause the recording "tile" to be available, within Teams Chat history, to participants in that Breakout room.  If the recording is not stopped before closing, the recording still exists on the OneDrive of the person who started the recording and is shared to attendees, of the Breakout Room, but it must be accessed by going to the OneDrive instead of easily being accessed from the chat history.

It is IT's recommendation to download any Teams recordings from the OneDrive-Recordings folder and upload them to Echo360 for more long term storage and efficient sharing.

Breakout Room Session Recordings

When the Attendee/Student Starts the Recording

  • The file is shared to the meeting organizer (faculty) automatically.  Since it is just shared, it does not appear in the organizer's OneDrive->Recordings folder.  It is not stored in their OneDrive.  It is stored in the student's OneDrive->Recordings folder.
  • ORGANIZERS ACCESS the recording via the recent Chat history, of the Breakout Room chat, or they open OneDrive and select the Shared option.
  • Organizers have EDIT access to the recording which means.
    1. they can copy the video file to another of their OneDrive folders - this becomes a new file and sharing permissions will have to be re-assigned.
    2. they can download the file and upload it to Echo360 as an easier way to share it to all students.  Or they can just store it in their Echo360 library for a more efficient storage solution.
    3. if the organizer moves the file to another OneDrive folders, the video is removed from the student's OneDrive and is no longer shared to the meeting participants.
  • The student can share the recording to additional SVSU users.
  • The student can download the video.
  • Other students who attended the Breakout room have the recordings available in the "shared" section on OneDrive - view access only.

When the Organizer/Faculty Starts the Recording

  • The organizer is the owner of the recording and the video files gets saved to their OneDrive-Recordings folder.
  • Students have view access to the recordings only and they cannot download the video files.

Time it Takes for Breakout Rooms to Start

Regardless of the number of Breakout Rooms you are opening, there should be a 10 second start time for those rooms. 10 seconds is how long it takes MS Teams to typically open a meeting and so the time should not increase with a larger number of Breakout rooms, but there is nothing mentioned in their documentation about diminished performance with more Breakout rooms.

Student Joins Meeting After Breakout Rooms Have Been Opened

  • Once joining a meeting, students who are late will be listed as participants in the Main Meeting and will be listed in the Breakout Room panel as Not Assigned. 
  • If the Organizer has started Breakout Rooms and joins one of those Breakout Room meetings, they will have to monitor the Breakout Room panel, within the Main Meeting window, to ensure those students are not forgotten.
  • It is possible to assign late students to open Breakout Rooms as well as move students from one open Breakout room, to another, while Breakout rooms are in session.

Announce Time Remaining

There is not a built in option to announce the amount of time remaining for Breakout sessions.  Organizers should keep an eye on their watch and announce (using the megaphone icon) in time to say, 5 or 3 minutes remaining.

Drop/Add Affects Invited Students

When students drop the course, but have already been invited to a Teams Meeting, the Teams meeting remains in their Outlook and Teams app calendars.  They could continue to join the meeting.  IT recommends waiting until drop/add is over before creating any reoccurring Teams meetings in Canvas.

No Video Editing Tools Within OneDrive

Recordings are stored in OneDrive.  It is simply a video file that exists in a cloud storage system.  OneDrive does not offer any video editing.  Because it is an online video, students can easily scrub through the video and skip around to parts that interest them.  If the organizer would rather, they can download the video from OneDrive and upload it into Echo360 where they can edit it and store it more long term in their Echo360 Library.  

Recordings Only Kept for 120 days

Recordings, on the OneDrive, will only be kept for 120 days unless they are copied (not moved, copied) to another folder - permissions will need to be reset since this becomes a new file.  The auto-removal is for storage purposes as these recordings do count towards you Office 365 quota.  It is best to upload recordings to Echo360 if they are needed longer.


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