Microsoft Teams: Class Team Activation

This article shows you how to activate your Class Team in the Microsoft Teams app so that you can schedule synchronous meetings inside of the Teams app.  This step is not required for using Teams within the Canvas course navigation.

This article assumes that you have set up your Teams Meeting integration in Canvas.

You must have completed the Teams integration in Canvas first. If you have not please review integrating Teams Meetings in Canvas. The integration includes the following features:
  • Automatic creation of a Class Team from your Canvas course.
  • Automatic enrollment of students in your Canvas course. 
  • A Microsoft Teams menu link in your Canvas course menu, so you and your students have easy access.

Verifying Enrollment in the Microsoft Teams app

  1. Open your class team, click the three dots to the right of the class team name.
  2. Choose Manage Team.
  3. On the page that opens, expand the lists for both Owners and Members, and guests to view the names of everyone in the team. 
  4. After you have confirmed enrollment you are ready to activate your class team.

MS Teams Manage Team

Activating your Class Team

Your class team is not available to students until you activate it.

1. Open your class team inside of the Microsoft Teams app.
2. At the top of the page you will see the number of students waiting to join your class and next to it is an activate button.
3. To activate your class team so students can see it, click the Activate button at the top of the page. When prompted, confirm your choice by clicking Activate again.

MS Teams Activate Class Team

Helpful Tip
To make it easy for your students to return to your Canvas course, add a tab at the top of your class team page. by clicking on the tab with the + then click the Website icon, type in a Tab name then and paste the website address then click Save.

Watch this short video [3:21] on adding a website link in Microsoft Teams


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