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These instructions were created for Nursing student researchers but the instructions can be applied for anyone wanting to use MS Teams to record phone interviews with the end result of attaining a transcript.
Overview of supported tools for teaching and a comparison table of synchronous and asynchronous software.
MS Bookings is an Office 365 app that allows small businesses to offer booking of appointments online.  Although the terminology is aimed towards small businesses, the app can also be used for other instances that require the booking of appointments online.  One specific use, for SVSU faculty, could be to offer MS Bookings as a way for students to schedule online appointments during set office hours.  These instructions focus on setting up Bookings, as a faculty member, for students to reserve o
Software and resources for faculty, staff, and students to teach and collaborate online.
Place a phone call from an already launched MS Teams Meeting.
Step by step instructions, students should follow, to join a Teams meeting, that their instructor sent to them via Outlook appointment.
The purpose of this Knowledge Article is to help SVSU employees stay organized by providing a common set of rules to apply when naming files. The conventions are primarily intended for use during the creation of word-processed documents, spreadsheets, presentations or other data files to be stored in a file storage location. Similar conventions should be applied to folders within a directory structure.
MS Team Meeting links can be embedded directly to a Canvas Rich Text Editor box via External Tools.  Teachers create an assignment or announcement and add a meeting link.  Students in the class click the link to open the online Teams interface in a supported browser or Teams Desktop Version.
Student/Attendee Guide to Joining a MS Teams Meeting that Originated in Canvas
Make MS Teams Meeting Recording Available within your Canvas Course
Create a Teams Online Appointment from within Outlook