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Current students have access to various tools for collaboration and learning. Below is an overview of the services SVSU Saginaw Valley State University offers SVSU students.

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Microsoft 365 Collaborate and Learn

Current students can access email, calendar, and file storage via OneDrive while online via, choose Quicklinks, then click Email or OneDrive. To see a list of available apps click the waffle-shaped icon (upper-left corner). Need the Microsoft 365 suite on your personal computer check out how to download and install Microsoft 365.

Available Software for Download

Several applications such as MatLab, MiniTab, SPSS, and much more are available to install on your computer view a list of software that can be downloaded for home use.

Learning Canvas

Many professors use Canvas. Students can access course files, submit Assignments, take online Quizzes, interact in asynchronous Discussions, synchronous class meetings, and more. Supported browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox (recommended), Safari, and Internet Explorer do not function well with Canvas. 

Note: When submitting an online Assignment... Canvas does not support file uploads larger than 5 GB. However, media uploads cannot exceed 500 MB.

Canvas User Storage Quota Exceeded

  • Exceeding your storage quota prevents you from uploading files to Discussions and My Files.
    • To make room for more file uploads, delete files in My files and conversation attachments until the total file size is under 200 MB.
  • My Files (personal files you have uploaded to Canvas).
  • conversation attachments (files uploaded to Inbox in Canvas) once files are removed, they will no longer be part of that conversation message. Note: Removing “profile pictures” won’t help.

Canvas User Account Files quota - 200 MB

Students can upload or attach files for Course assignments or discussions.

  • These files are automatically stored in students' own personal files (in the "unfiled" folder).
  • Student-submitted files count toward the Course File quota, not toward the Personal File quota. Files that do count against personal storage limits are:
    • Files uploaded directly into your personal file storage area

    • Files uploaded to ungraded assignments

    • Files uploaded to ungraded discussions

    • Files attached to “Conversations” (Inbox/Email)

View User Files as a Student in Canvas, go to Account > Files.



  • See your File size at the bottom, below all folders.
  • Refresh your browser (F5) after deleting files to see the new File size.

Comparison table of how file storage is affected in My Files in Canvas


How are files added and where?

Count in Quota

Can I delete these files?

conversation attachments

Files you attach to a conversation. User's conversation attachments folder.
If you delete a file, it will no longer be associated with a conversation message.


Yes, it will be removed from the conversation message.

profile pictures

Pictures you uploaded to your profile



Submissions / Graded Discussions

Files uploaded and submitted as a graded assignment or discussion go into their Submissions folder.
Graded discussion attachments go into the unfiled folder.


No, system protected.

unfiled/ungraded Discussions

Files you upload to your personal Files area and Ungraded discussion attachments. User's unfiled folder. If you delete the file, it will no longer be associated with an ungraded discussion post.


Yes, will be removed from an ungraded discussion.

Files submitted to previous courses (courses that have been concluded). They are not automatically deleted from the student’s personal file storage area.

Use OneDrive to upload content and share a file link to Canvas

Is your account file storage full? Use OneDrive. You can upload your file to OneDrive and share your file. You will need to login into OneDrive and authenticate your login credentials.
Upload files to OneDrive
Share files from OneDrive ITS TIP: Use the Specific People option.

New to OneDrive? Get started with OneDrive Business FAQs.

Canvas Group Files quota - 50 MB

Students can upload files into Group Files for group collaboration; they DO NOT affect their personal files quota. Files that count against the course storage limits are as follows: Any files uploaded into the group by the group members and/or instructor.

  • Group files are available to all students enrolled in the group, and the course teachers.
  • All members have the same permissions to manage all the files.

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Your professor may use Respondus LockDown Browser for quizzes in Canvas. You will need to install LockDown Browser on your computer (one-time installation) from inside Canvas.

​​Virtual Conferencing Tools

The tools below are commonly used by many professors for your classes.

  1. Echo360 (re-watch lectures, take notes, participate in Q&A, and more). Media is easily accessed in Canvas.
  2. Teams (join virtual meetings with your class and professor)
  3. Zoom  
  4. BigBlueButton

Creating Graphics, Presentations, and Video Submissions

The tools below are recommended for student media projects. 

  • Canvas - The upload/media tool in Canvas does have some common issues, but students can record themselvesupload existing media, or submit a media file as an Assignment submission
    • Here are some recurrent issues that can prevent the recording and uploading of media:
      • The video file is too large, the video cannot be any larger than 500 MB.
      • Uploads fail without notice to the user, uploads fail silently, and there is no error message that displays on your screen. 
      • The permissions in your browser are not enabled, such as using the microphone or camera.
      • The browser being used is not supported, such as Safari which doesn't function well.
      • The browser is outdated, supported browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox, which must be the latest two versions. Check your browser version to see if it's up-to-date.
      • Ad Blockers and browser extensions could prevent the media from being uploaded.
      • The file format of your video is not supported. View the supported file formats for media uploads.
      • The user has poor or no Internet connection.
      • A longer recording takes time to render be patient, also ensure you have a stable Internet connection.
  • PowerPoint - Presentations can have a voice-over recorded on one or more slides with or without recording a webcam, depending on how the students system the instructions will vary slightly, please view this MS Support article "Record a slide show with narration and slide timings." 
  • MS Stream - This is a video storage place for students who need to upload videos or record (presentations, etc.). View how to use Microsoft Stream Classic for recording presentations. The screen recording limit is 15 minutes. 
  • Adobe Express is a free, online graphic design app. Current students can create graphics, single-page websites, and short videos. Learn how to create and share a project with the Adobe Express app
  • Animato is an online video maker students can use for Animato for portfolios.
  • Adobe Scan converts images to pdf's from your mobile device and works with both Android and Apple systems: Adobe Scan App 
  • YouTube - Students can also use YouTube to upload and share a video created on their computer, a Gmail address is required. NOTE: YouTube is not supported by SVSU ITS as we are a Microsoft campus.

Sharing/Posting Media Submissions in Canvas

There are various ways students can post/share media submissions, students can:

  • Upload the PowerPoint or image file (if it's not uploaded) and store it in OneDrive, and share the link. 
  • Upload a video to MS Stream Classic and Share the link to Canvas. TIP: If you recorded your presentation using MS Stream go to your video and click the Share icon. 
  • Use Adobe Scan or Office Lens mobile app and take a picture of the paper document needed for an Assignment submission and save as a PDF and create a shareable link then, post it to the Canvas student app.
  • Using the Upload/media tool in Canvas has common issues (mentioned above) such as the file size limitation (500 MB), unable to upload due to a poor network connection, and uploads silently failing without any notification. If you experience difficulty uploading your file, we recommend uploading it to OneDrive.
ITS recommends sharing a link as it doesn't use Canvas storage which is limited to 200 MB. Learn more about how submitted files in Canvas affect your user account.

Tutoring Help for Students

Contact the Tutoring Center and schedule a session on the Second Floor of the Zahnow Library.

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