SVSU Virtual Computer Labs

Welcome to the SVSU Virtual Computer Labs!

The SVSU Virtual Computer Labs can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection and web browser.

Note.  If you have a personal computer that is capable of running the software for your class, we highly recommend you visit the home use software downloads page and install the software on your computer.  Here is a link to the home use software downloads page -

Virtual Lab Use Cases

The Virtual Labs fall in to these use cases:

General Lab - The general lab contains software that is normally found in a Classroom or Open Lab on campus.

Geography and Science, Engineering & Technology Lab - This virtual lab contains the software for Geography and SET on campus labs.  

Connecting to the SVSU Virtual Labs Environment

Click on this link - SVSU Virtual Labs - to access the SVSU Virtual Labs environment.  If you are not already logged into your SVSU account you will be prompted by Microsoft to "Pick an account".  Pick your SVSU account.   You will be directed to a login page.  Use your SVSU ID and Password.  Multi-Factor Authentication is activated for the SVSU Virtual Labs environment.

Note.  Performance will be impacted by your Internet bandwidth/speed.

Once you are logged into the SVSU Virtual Labs you will be presented with the Virtual Labs available to you.  Click on the Virtual Lab icon that best meets your needs based on the use cases mentioned above.  

A "Access local resources" pop-up window will appear.  If you intend to use information from your local computer clipboard or want to print leave the boxes checked.  Then click the Allow button.

Using your SVSU id and password "Enter your credentials" as requested.

You will be presented with the "System Use Notification", click OK after you have read the notification.

You are now on the SVSU Virtual Lab "Computer".

Note.  The first time that you use a Microsoft Office Product (i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) you may be prompted for your SVSU Id and Password.

Saving Documents in the Virtual Labs Environment

Save your files to your OneDrive as you are not guaranteed to get the same SVSU Virtual Lab Computer each time you visit the site.  IT Support will not be able to retrieve any documents that you save on the SVSU Virtual Lab Computer.

Shutting Down / Logging Off of the Virtual Lab Environment

Step 1: Sign out of the virtual machine. Click on the Windows Icon in the Toolbar, click on the person icon at the top of the menu that appears, and then select "Sign out". You will now see the home page of the SVSU Virtual Labs.

Step 2: Sign out of the Virtual Labs web page. Click on your name in the top right of the Virtual Labs web page and then select Sign Out. There will now be a Microsoft page indicating to "Pick an account". You may now close your web browser.


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