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Account Management

Search the Knowledge Base for Articles about Account Management, user and system access and permissions to use university technology.

Administrative & Business Systems

Search the Knowledge Base to find Articles on Business Applications used in the daily operations of the academic and business functions of the university.

Classroom Support & Instructional Training

Search the Knowledge Base to find Articles on the Classroom Support & Instructional Training or "how to" and training materials on software, including Canvas, and Echo360.

Email & Calendar

Search the Knowledge Base to find Articles on Email & Calendar tools that are deployed to assist in communicating and collaborating internally and externally.

Hardware, Software & Printing

Search the Knowledge Base to find Articles relating to computer hardware and software services. Services for PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Macs, Printers and Printing, and Software like Adobe, SPSS, etc.

Information Security

Search the Knowledge Base for Articles and insights on Information Security and the protection of all SVSU technology.

Network, Servers & Storage

Search the Knowledge Base to find Articles on Network, Servers & Storage.

IT Professional Services

Search the Knowledge Base to find Articles on the IT Professional Services offered.

ITS Policies and Procedures

Search the Knowledge Base to find Articles and Information relating to ITS Policies and Procedures.

Articles (19)

Best Practices for the Mobile Workforce

With the switch to mobile laptops and docking stations, issues arise that may have simple solutions users can help to prevent themselves. Please see the list of best practices, below, for possible fixes to any basic issues you may experience with your device.

Emails - Automatic Replies while out of the office

Forwarding emails when out of the office.

Equipment Checkout

To checkout equipment for classroom and travel use.

External Users Guide to Opening an Encrypted Email and Attachment

At SVSU, we prioritize security. One of the ways we demonstrate this is to make sure our organization and user's data does not fall into the wrong hands. We have turned on automatic email and attachment encryption for messages that contain personally identifiable information as well as financial data.

How to Back up Bookmarks and Favorites

Bookmarks are great ways to save quick routes to websites or pages that you regularly use, and want to have one place to access. When you are logged into a browser, the bookmarks that you have saved will be available from anywhere you log in from through the cloud. Each browser has their own version, which means that switching browsers will need new bookmarks. If you choose to switch browsers you would need to manually find each website and save it as a bookmark in the new one.

How to Favorite an Article or Service Page

Learn how to favorite an article or service page on our client portal.

J Drive Access Request

Add or remove users from J Drive folders

Junk/Quarantine - How to prevent an email from going into quarantine or junk email folder.

To prevent an email from going into Quarantine or Junk email.

Legal Name Change

To change your legal name.

Open / Lab Printers - Reporting an Issue

To report an Open / Lab printer issue.

Parking Lot WiFi Hot Spots Map

WiFi HotSpots in Campus Parking lots.

Phone User Guide

SVSU provides standard phones to faculty and staff in their offices. This guide is a quick how-to to get familiar with them, troubleshoot common issues, and learn helpful tips.

Print Balance Refund Request

To request refund to print balance.

Ryder Fieldhouse Scoreboard Setup

These are the instructions on how to setup the Ryder Fieldhouse Scoreboard to display on the Led Scoreboard.

SVSU Virtual Computer Labs

The SVSU Virtual Computer Labs can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection and web browser.

Tax Forms - W2, 1095-C, 1098, 1099-MISC

Finding your tax documents.

Windows 11

Training resources for getting started with Windows 11.