Printing for Faculty and Staff

This guide contains general information on faculty, staff, and employee printing as well as links to other articles for further information. There are two major ways to print as a member of SVSU's faculty or staff. Look below for a list of help articles and pages that can guide you through these processes and answer questions you might have. 

Web Print

This guide will walk you through the web printing process, as well as answer related questions such as those about file types and printing refunds.

PaperCut MF

This guide will help you with any matters related to PaperCut.

Network Printers

Faculty and staff also have the ability to select from various network printers and print directly to them. See this guide for instructions. 

Printing Locations

This article lists printing locations across campus for all types of printing.

Printing for Others

This guide will help you if you need to print for a staff or faculty member.

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Instructions for installing a printer driver on a Windows office computer.
PaperCut MF is the vendor solution that provides a comprehensive print management for SVSU. It provides the mechanism to track usage and accounting for how Multi-Function Printers (MFP) are used, which includes printing, copying, scanning, and in some cases fax. The bulk of the document will outline how PaperCut is to be configured for the SVSU environment.
You can send documents to a specified print queue, release your print jobs at various locations on campus or send to a virtual print location, refer to the chart below.
SVSU offers print management services to current students and employees. This article contains information on where and how to print on campus, as well as policies and procedures on your printing account.
SVSU standard computer & laptop ordering information, including add-ons/extras and printers.
Web Print Release allows you to upload and submit a document from any lab, personal computer, even a smart device to an SVSU Campus printer without having to install print drivers.  You can release print jobs at any of the SVSU Campus Kyocera MFP locations.