AV Studio: Available Technologies (Lightboard and Surface Studio)


Book time in our Studio by filling out the reservation form. After reserving the room, an appointment is created on your calendar, and we are alerted of the booking time. If you are using the Lightboard, expect a ~24 hr turn around time for your video to be in your Echo360 library.

Looking for a new way to create engaging videos for your students? Check out our AV Studio it features a Lighboard and Microsoft Surface Computer (multi-touch screen).

Our studio is located in Science East 142 and offers another way to use Echo360 Universal Capture to create short video demonstrations. Use our Lightboard for drawing technical diagrams or use our Microsoft Surface its multi-touch device that tilts like a drawing pad allowing you to annotate screen content using a stylus.

 IT Studio entering the room

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Using the Lightboard

Our Lightboard is a made of glass pumped with light on each side so when using a fluorescent dry erase marker, the ink glows and becomes visible. The Lightboard will let you draw as you lecture, it mirrors content so written words are readable, while keeping you visible behind the glass facing your audience. A video is produced using an Echo360 Appliance (Pod) that you can control (e.g., start, pause, stop) your lecture. The video quality is great with some to none post-production editing.

IT Studio Close up of Lightboard

Lightboard examples

  • Technical diagrams
  • Sketches
  • Complex topics
  • Equations
  • Programming Languages

Why create a lecture on a Lightboard?

A Lightboard video creates an improved experience for students because of the instructor's presence. The advantages of creating a Lightboard video lesson is the eye contact with the instructor, and gestures (non-verbal communication). Student understanding is improved because instructors are explaining the content as they are drawing and writing. The Lightboard is great for faculty to draw diagrams, equations, and similar content. Nearly all disciplines would benefit from creating Lightboard videos.

Using the Surface Studio Computer

Our Surface Studio is a touch screen device that sits upright and tilts allowing you to draw naturally or precisely. Use the Surface Pen to draw concepts, annotate slides, create images of your screen content and make further notations, use the Surface Dial for precise drawing, and access editing tools with the Surface Pen. Record the screen content and reuse with Echo360 Classroom Capture software.

Studio desktop tilts

Surface Studio examples:

  • Use to demonstrate a step-by-step walk throughs.
  • Annotate or highlight presentations as you teach.
  • Use the Draw tab within Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote draw and teach lessons.
  • Use the Whiteboard app via the Microsoft 365 app launcher or use it in a Teams meeting.  
  • Snap photos of your screen using the editing tools from the Surface Pen.

Studio FAQs

Who can use the video studio? 

Its available for SVSU faculty and staff. 

I'm interested! How do I record videos?

The room uses Echo360 technology, training is required. Book time in our Studio by filling out the reservation form. After reserving the room, an appointment is created on your calendar, and we are alerted of the booking time. If you are using the Lightboard, expect a ~24 hr turn around time for your video to be in your Echo360 library.

I've been using Echo360, do I still need to be trained?

Yes, the room has a specific setup and technologies in place.

How can I make edits to my video?

If you need to edit your video you can use Echo360's Media Editor there is no software to download it works in your browser, allows you to combine, split, and add image thumbnails to your video. Firefox and Google Chrome (latest versions) are the recommended browsers for best experience.

How are videos shared with students or viewers?

Videos are produced with Echo360 and available in your personal library, they can be published in a Canvas course allowing your students to access and view your videos, they can be downloaded and shared outside of a Canvas course to Microsoft Stream or OneDrive.

What do students see?

During playback of a video, the student will see their instructor teaching and drawing on the glass board while facing the camera.

Lightboard example in the Echo360 Course Player

Request Studio Training (required for first-time use)

If you have had previous training you can book an appointment by filling out our studio reservation form. If you need training, please email support@svsu.edu or contact us by phone at 989.964.4225 (x4225). 


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