Echo360 Getting Started

What is Echo360?

Echo360 is used for recording asynchronous/synchronous lectures in the classroom or on your computer. Record PowerPoint slides, screen actions, supplemental lesson material, exam reviews, and more. Echo360 records your voice, screen content, yourself when in an equipped appliance room or on your computer. All recordings are stored in the cloud. Students access your videos in Canvas.

Engage Your Students. There is more to Echo360 than just recording content. It is an engagement platform. Providing different methods to interact with students, assess them to increase their success. For the instructor, Echo360 provides usage analytics by the class or by the student, with the ability to export engagement points to the grade book.

An infographic of Echo360 features

New to Echo360? 

How do I get access to Echo360? You must have introductory training to obtain an Echo360 user account. This training is essential if you are new to Echo360 register at
What happens after training? After the training, you will receive an email invitation (24 hours minimum), "You've been invited to create an Echo360 account" click "COMPLETE REGISTRATION". You are redirected to create a password for Echo360, it is not synced with your SVSU login credentials. 

Existing User? Log in to Echo360

When you have a user account for Echo360, you can record classroom lectures, create personal recordings on your computer with Universal Capture: Personal software, and upload media made from other sources. Your videos are stored in your Personal Library at 

  1. Enter your SVSU email address,(example 
  2. Choose Saginaw Valley State University from the drop-down menu (if prompted). 
  3. Enter your password
  4. If you forgot your password you can reset it here

Download and Install - Universal Capture: Personal software

Echo360's UC: Personal software allows you to use (university-owned or personal) PC or Mac to create recordings and publish them to the Echo360 system. 

For a step-by-step walkthrough, please view the Universal Capture Installation Guide

Request an Echo360 Course

Each semester if you intend to use Echo360 in the classroom, Live Stream, or want to enhance student engagement utilizing the *Active Learning Platform (ALP) you need to request Echo360 in your course.

If you are planning to reuse content, you need to have Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) turned on in your course. Once your videos have transcripts you do not need to request ASR, the transcripts remain on your video unless you delete them.

Get the Most Out of Echo360

We offer several workshops on using Echo360; learn how you can manage your media, (transcript/media editor), embed your content in Canvas, and engage your students with polling. 

Sign up for additional workshops at

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