Echo360 Getting Started

New to Echo360? 

If you are new to Echo360 sign up for a introductory workshop register at After the training, you will receive an email invitation (24 hours minimum), "You've been invited to create an Echo360 account" click "COMPLETE REGISTRATION".

You are redirected to create a password for Echo360.

The password you create can be the same as or different from your SVSU password, as long as it meets the Echo360 password specifications (listed below).
NOTE: Your Echo360 password is not synced with your SVSU login credentials.

Echo360 requires passwords of a certain strength in order to secure their system. Here are some tips for generating a usable password:

  • DO use multiple words, foreign words, or an uncommon phrase - include letters/numbers/characters to improve strength
  • Avoid single dictionary words (ch@racter substitutions don't h3lp either - too easy to guess)
  • Avoid alphanumeric or keyboard sequences such as abcd, 1234, qwerty, 09876
  • Avoid your name or any location or dates associated with you (including recent/future years)

Existing User? How to reset your password 

If you have used Echo360 in the past and have forgotten password. Follow these steps below:

  1. Open an Internet browser, we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. In the address bar type in press enter on your keyboard.
  3. On Echo360's main login page, enter your SVSU email address.
  4. Click the password reset link "Click here to reset."
  5. Instructions to reset your password are sent to your SVSU email address.
  6. In Outlook, there will be an email from Echo360. Click the reset password link, you are redirected to reset your password.
  7. The password should be the minimum of 8 characters. If you see red progress bar you will need to modify what you've typed in until it turns green. The green indication bar indicates your password meets Echo360's password guidelines (see above Creating a Echo360 password).
  8. Type in your password twice to confirm it.
  9. Click Save

Log into Echo360

Learn how to log into Echo360's cloud platform where your videos are stored.

  1. Start by opening an internet browser, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.  
  2. In the address bar, type in 
  3. Enter your SVSU email address,(example 
  4. Choose Saginaw Valley State University from the drop-down menu (if prompted). 
  5. Enter your password

Click the link below to view the video

How to login to Echo360

Download and Install - Universal Capture: Personal

NOTE: If you have multiple devices (computers) you would need to install the software on those computers and sign in with your SVSU email and Echo360 password (this is not synced with your SVSU password).

  1. Log into Echo360,
  2. Click the gear icon (upper-right), then Downloads
  3. Click the appropriate software application for your computer, Windows Download (Windows 10 64-bit) or higher or Mac Download (OS X 10.13) or higher.
  4. The software downloads to your computer, double click the installation file then follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.

For a step by step walk through, please view the Universal Capture Installation Guide

Semester Request Form

Each semester you will need to request Echo360 to be used in your Canvas course(s), please fill out this form

Sign up for a Echo360 workshops

You can register for additional echo360 workshops.

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