Viewing Analytics in Echo360 (includes all media views and poll responses)


The Analytics tab inside of Echo360 provides Instructors a combination of video views and polling responses for all media whether it was used in your Echo360 courses or embedded in Canvas. Data can be viewed or downloaded in a .csv file (comma-separated values file) that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Accessing Analytics

Analytics can be accessed from the top menu when logged into or from within a Canvas. You will see all courses you are enrolled in as an instructor in alphabetical order. You can use the Search box to type in a course you are looking for or use the scroll bar to the right. This interface is a summary of all courses; opening a course provides detailed analytics. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bottom left of a course tile indicates the number of videos that have been recently watched in the last 30 days, (default view). The sample image below shows that 6 videos have been viewed.  If you see 0, this means there have not been any video views in the last 30 days. You can change to a different time range as needed. 

Echo360 Analytics tab - top menu number of views within the last 30 days

Viewing All Media Analytics

When you open a course, you will see a Views tab (selected by default) and a Polls tab to the left of your screen, each tool provides the ability to download a .csv file (comma-separated values file) look for the Download Data button.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened Views tab selected by default.

You will see all media that has been viewed over the last 30 days (default view) that is represented in a bar graph with the associated dates; along with a list (table) of the media names that were viewed. 

Echo360 Analytics Course Opened Displays Total Views of All Media

The Time Range drop-down menu (top-right) allows you to choose a different time range, 7 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 12 months. NOTE: When a different time range is selected, the bar graph and the list of media names will update and display as appropriate.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened showing Total Views of All Media

Viewing Specific Media Analytics

In the table matrix, when you click on a media name, you will see specific details including the user name, user email, total views, total view time, average view time, last viewed date and more. The sample image below shows the media name and a list of all users that have viewed the media.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened and specific media link and all user details

NOTE: To go back to the previous page, click the Views tab to go back to the page, Total Views of All Media.

Poll Analytics

On the left side of the screen, you will find the Polls link directly under the Views link.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened and Polls link selected

To the top right, you will a visual overview (ring graph) of all submissions and responses.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened and Polls Overview with a colored ring graph shown in the top middle of the screen.

The bottom pane allows you to select the Media and Poll Question. Selecting the Media drop-down menu allows you to see a list of the media in the course or you can download a .csv file to view in Microsoft Excel.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened, Poll and Media pane area (bottom middle of the screen) allowing you to select the media or poll question.

Selecting specific media will show you an overview of all the polls for that media however, you can choose the poll question to view responses and user data.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened, the Poll Media selected shows all responses and user data.

For a detailed overview check out this Echo Help article “Viewing Consolidated Media Analytics for Your Course.”


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