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EchoVideo provides a consolidated locations for instructors to access their Course Analytics for courses they are an instructor in. Located in the top menu next to the Create button or within Canvas's course menu, look for EchoVideo Course Analytics.

Instructors will see all video views and polling responses (if used) for all media. Data can be viewed or downloaded in a .csv file (comma-separated values file) that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Did you know? There are multiple ways to access Analytics in EchoVideo, click the button below to access the video.

Accessing Analytics

Each tile or card seen shows all courses in which you are enrolled as an Instructor. All course Analytics can be accessed when logged into, from the EchoVideo tab if you have requested a EchoVideo course, or from the quick access link EchoVideo Course Analytics, all of which will provide you the same experience.

EchoVideo Course Analytics (left menu in Canvas)

This is your quick access link for accessing your course analytics for your current course (the course you have open in Canvas). Click EchoVideo Course Analytics, found at the bottom of your Canvas course menu, you can use this whether you have embedded your videos in Canvas or have requested an EchoVideo course. If you use this method you are taken directly to the main page where you will be able to see all views for your current course, go to instructions on this page for viewing all media analytics

Echovideo course analytics Canvas left menu

Analytics (top menu inside your account)

If you use the Analytics tab from the top menu within your account, you will see all of your courses by default. Note: You can skip this, if you access the quick link in Canvas's course menu,"EchoVideo Course Analytics" shown in the image above.

You will need to locate your current course. You can use the Search box to type in a course name or page through them found at the bottom of the window. When you find the course you want to view click the View Analytics button in of the course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The newest term will always been seen first.

Echo360 Analytics tab - top menu number of views within the last 30 days

Viewing All Media Analytics

When you open a course, you will see a Views tab (selected by default) and a Polls tab to the left of your screen, each tool provides the ability to download a .csv file (comma-separated values file) look for the Download Data button.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened Views tab selected by default.

You will see all media that has been viewed over the last 30 days (default view) that is represented in a bar graph with the associated dates; along with a list (table) of the media names that were viewed. 

Echo360 Analytics Course Opened Displays Total Views of All Media

The Time Range drop-down menu (top-right) allows you to choose a different time range, 7 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 12 months. NOTE: When a different time range is selected, the bar graph and the list of media names will update and display as appropriate.

Echo360 Analytics - Time range default is 30 days

Viewing Specific Media Analytics

In the table matrix, when you click on a media name, you will see specific details including the user name, user email, total views, total view time, average view time, % viewed, and more. 

EchoVideo Course Analytics - Viewing specific media

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Poll Analytics

On the left side of the screen, you will find the Polls link directly under the Views link.

Echo360 Analytics with Polls link selected

You will a visual overview (ring graph) of all submissions and responses. These are available in real-time as students submit their answer.

Echo360 course analytics - polls interface

The middle pane allows you to select the Media and Poll Question. Selecting the Media drop-down menu allows you to see a list of the media in the course or you can download a .csv file to view in Microsoft Excel. You can view responses for all the Poll Questions or select the slide name and poll question from the drop down menu.

Echo360 Analytics with Course opened, Poll and Media pane area (bottom middle of the screen) allowing you to select the media or poll question.

Selecting a media name will show you an overview of all the polls, however you can choose the poll question to view all responses submitted.

Echo360 Analytics - polls with overview of all responses

Viewing poll responses for a specific poll question

When you want to view poll responses for a question, click the drop down menu, you will see an overview of the responses chosen, you can also filter the responses by clicking the empty box. At the bottom of the page is a list of the student responses, you can search, filter, see the number of students that didn't answer the poll question and that date the poll response was submitted. 

EchoVideo Analytics - poll responses - specific
Download Poll Responses

You can download a csv file and view all responses, look for the Download Date button at the top-right of the Polling page.


Echo Support Article: “Viewing Consolidated Media Analytics for Your Course.” (detailed overview)

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