Compliance with 508 standards should always be a priority for those creating course and web page content.  Whatever the system your content is being distributed from, ensure that uploaded media meets accessibility standards.  

Explore the Microsoft Accessibility site to find the most current advice, tools and initiatives. This page on Writing Effective Alt Text is an example of the helpful articles found at the Microsoft site.

While we can offer suggestions for compliance, the legislation is constantly changing. If you have questions about 508 standards and compliance, please contact the Accessibility Resources and Accommodations office at 989-964-7000, or email at‚Äč .


Adobe PDF Files




Outlook Mail Messages



All videos made available online via internal or external link, or provided to staff and students in file or DVD format must have a transcript or captioning available.

The following is a list of possible video sources.  If these videos will be distributed for staff or student use, a transcript or caption must be made available or an alternative must be found.

  • YouTube
  • Echo360
  • MP4
  • DVD (SVSU owned)
  • DVD (non-SVSU)
  • other

SVSU offers services, within reason, to assist in providing a transcript or captioning for videos to be used online and across campus.  To request a transcript or caption, contact the Accessibility Resources and Accommodations office at 989-964-7000, or email at .  The transcription and captioning process can take many months to complete so please plan at least one full semester in advance.

iClicker Audience Response

Top Hat 


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