Echo360 Universal Capture Installation Guide

Echo360 Universal Capture Personal is a simple video application for education that provides identical capabilities, and consistent user experience across Mac and PC. Universal Capture allows you to create videos in your office or anywhere off-campus. Record your screen, audio, and video from your webcam (optional). Videos are made available in Canvas.

Download Universal Capture

  1. Login to Echo360 visit
  2. Click the gear icon (upper-right) select Downloads
  3. Choose the appropriate for your computer, "Mac Download" or "Windows Download".

Downloads page


Windows 10 (64-bit)

  • The installation file will download to your computer.
    1. Google Chrome: The installation file downloads automatically and will display in the bottom-left of your browser.
    2. Firefox: You will need to save the file first. The installation file will appear in the Downloads button (upper-right) in your browser.

Mac (OS X 10.13) or higher.

  • Click the downloaded file which ends in .dmg to install Universal Capture

Before You Record Tips

  1. Prep your screen, clean it up. Open your PowerPoint, Microsoft application, PDF, or internet browser (what your recording for your students).
  2. Practice your technology and lecture before doing the actual recording. Use a script, it makes it easier to edit a transcript if you are reusing content (especially for disciplines that do not have common machine-learned language).
  3. Chunk out content to keep videos short and sweet, so your editing tasks (if any) are minimal and your students will be more likely to be engaged and watch them.

Creating a Video with Universal Capture

You are ready to record supplemental content for your course using Universal Capture, you can record, pause, and stop videos in one-click; all videos are automatically published to Echo360 server.

  1. Open the Edit Capture Details screen then Title your video (a short appropriate title for the topic your lecturing), choose where you are publishing your video select the Publish To... drop-down menu (Library or select your Course) if Course, select New Class or Existing from the Class drop-down menu.
  2. Select your input settings: Display (the screen your recording), Microphone, and webcam (optional).
  3. Click the red circle Record button.
  4. While recording, you will not see yourself if you have selected webcam. Students will see you during video playback and can hide/close the screen and focus on the recorded video.
  5. The video is automatically uploaded to your Library or to your Class (new or existing) when you stop recording.
  6. You will receive an email when your video is available in Echo360.

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