Echo360 Universal Capture (UC) Personal Software: Installation Guide

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Universal Capture Personal (UC Personal) software allows you to record/Live Stream personal lectures on your computer PC or Mac in your office or anywhere off-campus.  The software records your entire screen, audio, and video from your internal webcam or connect use a USB webcam. Students access your recordings in Canvas. 

You can install UC Personal on your university-owned or personal machine PC (Windows 10 (64-bit) or Mac (OS X 10.14 or higher). If you have a university-owned Mac, follow the directions for installing it on a personal machine.

Record videos in your browser, without Universal Capture Personal software. Record videos on any computer, choose to record your browser tab, an open application window, or your entire screen, your chosen audio (microphone) and video inputs (webcam). Explore how to record with Echo360's Browser Capture.
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Download Universal Capture for a University-owned Computer

Windows Devices

  1. Click on the Start button or Search icon, and type: Software Center [press enter when it appears in the list]
  2. Under Applications, you will find a list of software packages.
  3. Select the Echo360 Universal Capture Personal, then choose Install.
  4. You may need to reboot your machine after the installation has completed.

An image: Steps to install Universal Capture Personal on a University computer


Mac Devices

  •  You can install supported software applications through the software portal for Macs. Learn how to use the SVSU Mac Self Service
If you are unable to install the software using SVSU Mac Self Service, please Create a Ticket and someone from ITS will follow up with you.

Download Universal Capture for your Personal Computer

  1. Login to Echo360 at
  2. Click the gear icon (upper-right) select Downloads
  3. Choose the appropriate for your computer, "Mac Download" or "Windows Download".

Downloading Universal Capture Personal

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
    The installation file will download to your computer.
    1. Google Chrome: The installation file downloads automatically and will display in the bottom-left of your browser.
    2. Firefox: You will need to save the file first. The installation file will appear in the Downloads button (upper-right) in your browser.
  • Mac (OS X 10.14) or higher.
    Click the downloaded file which ends in .dmg to install Universal Capture

How to access Universal Capture after installation

  • Windows: Open the Windows Start menu, you can find it in Recently used; click Echo360 Universal Capture. Or type in echo360 in the Search box.
  • Mac: Open the Applications folder and click Echo360 Capture.
  • Echo360 Library: From Echo360's Create button, click New Capture.
  • Once Universal Capture Personal is installed, you are ready to record on your computer.

Echo360 Help - Getting Started

Visit our Echo360 Help page to access a variety of instructor resources, learn what's new, and more.


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