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Pinned Article EchoVideo: Browser Capture (record with Virtual Backgrounds)

Record lectures or supplemental material online with Browser Capture no software to install and it works on any computer (includes Chromebooks and Netbooks) with a supported browser and requires an internet connection. Record content in multiple ways and can choose from several virtual backgrounds when recording with your webcam.

EchoVideo: Create Videos with Universal Capture Personal software

Universal Capture software allows faculty to record synchronous or asynchronous class lectures on their computer (Windows/Mac), from their office, home, or any location.

EchoVideo: Lecture Capture (Record, Live Stream, and Upload media)

Learn methods to create content and the several ways you can upload media and PowerPoint to your Library. All content can be reused and published to Canvas by embedding your videos or sharing to a EchoVideo course and section.

EchoVideo: Live Streaming your Classes for Instructors

Access your live stream class and view active participants, use the classroom tools for learners attending remotely, add a PowerPoint or PDF to your class, and engage your students with polls. View Analytics of each learner's participation after class.

EchoVideo: Universal Capture Personal - Software Installation Guide

EchoVideo's Universal Capture Personal software allows you to record synchronous or asynchronous lectures. This guide covers how to install the software on your computer.

EchoVideo: Zoom Video Integration

If you have a Zoom Pro account and have an EchoVideo user account. Your Zoom cloud recordings will automatically copy to your EchoVideo Library. You can use embed in your video(s) in Canvas or publish to an EchoVideo course. Learn more in this article.