Echo360 Monitor a Live Streamed Class in Canvas

IMPORTANT: Don’t watch the Live Stream while recording you will cause an audio feedback loop.

Look for the class you are live streaming in the Classes list.

  1. You can view active participants in your class, click on “Echo360” in the Canvas navigation menu.

  2. The live class displays with a green LIVE badge next to the class name if its happening now (the badge displays grey when its not active).

  3. Open the class session, by clicking on the class name to enter the classroom.

  4. At the top right, you will see a two-person icon (Live Attendance button) that displays the number of students (limited to 100 participants) viewing your class session. The number of participants will update in real-time. 

An image of Live Stream Active participant in Instructor view


View participants actively watching the LIVE class session


How do I see how my Live Stream?

Live streams will not auto-play. Click Show Live Stream at the bottom-left of the Classroom player.

NOTE: Don't keep it on you will get stuck in a audio feedback loop. Be sure to click Hide Live Stream when you've looked at how your recording/Live Stream will display to your students.

An image of show live stream in the classroom player


Student Attendance and Analytics

If you don't see all of your students in a Live Class it means the student has not clicked on Echo360 tab in Canvas's course navigation.


Use the Engagement Tools to Interact with your students

  1. The Classroom Toolbar allows you interact with your students; ask them a question, view class discussions, and view confusing content and more. 
  2. Use Interactive polling in a PowerPoint or PDF and add it to your recorded/Live class session.
  3. Using these tools allow you to observe student engagement in your class or by the student. You will know whether your students are succeeding, struggling, or least engaged.


Echo360 Help Guides

Viewing Live Stream Classes

Engage your students and use the Classroom Tools

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Add a PowerPoint presentation or PDF to a class

Add Polling Questions/Activity Slides to a Presentation (e.g., Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Image Quiz, Ordered list and Numerical)  



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