Echo360: Active Learning Platform (ALP) Tools to Engage Your Students

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Active Learning Platform - Overview

The Active Learning Platform (ALP) provides engagement tools for teachers and students during recorded or Live Streamed class sessions. The ALP fosters student engagement with Classroom Tools (Discussion, Q&A, interactive polls, quizzes, and media slides), gathers usage data, and provides the capability to export engagement scores to Canvas

Classroom toolbar

Accessing Echo360 Classes (Content)

Students (enrolled in your Canvas course) access to all recordings/presentations by using the Echo360 course navigation link in Canvas or by linking to a specific class in a module or an assignment.

Student Enrollment into an Echo360 course occurs when they click on the Echo360 tab in Canvas's course navigation.

Create a New Class/Collection 

The Classes page is the home page of the Echo360 course. Listing all the classes you have available for your students.

Using the Classroom Tools 

The Classroom toolbar allows students to take part in discussions, ask a question, bookmark content, take notes, flag confusing content, and read or search a transcript within a recording.

Interactive Media and Polls in Presentation

Use Polls in a presentation or interactive media to engage students, check for understanding as they are learning. Polls are reusable and saved in your Echo360 library.

Did you know? You can embed polling in a video within a Canvas content window, add it to Echo360 class, or you can add polling questions to a presentation.

Live Stream Class

When presenting a Live Stream class you can use the classroom tools to interact and engage your students. During an Echo360 Live Stream Class, there is a Live attendance button (two-person icon) in the classroom toolbar. You will be able to see the number of students watching your Live Stream, clicking on the button provides a list of who is attending the live stream. You can view who was present after class in your Echo360 Library.


There is built-in "Analytics" broke down into sections for your videos and presentations. You can see the overall engagement in "Classes", see who has watched or participated in the classes in "Students". You can set "Weighting" for your course, identify "Engagement", with the ability to export student scores from "LMS Gradebook" to Canvas.

Viewing Analytical Data

Did you know? For exporting activity participation, you must be exporting an Echo360 class with polls otherwise it exports as 0% to the Canvas grade book.

Grading with Echo360. It's best practice to hide Echo360 from the Course Navigation in Canvas (Course settings>Navigation). If students watch the recording from the Classes list page in an Echo360 course; the points won't be gathered.

Video View Heatmap

In the classroom playback bar, you can view a graphical overlay on a video that allows instructors to see where students have watched the most. The video view heatmap icon works in the Echo360 Classroom and in your library

Echo360 Mobile App

Instructors can upload or record a video from their device it uploads to their library where you can share it with your students. There are some limitations to the mobile app. 
Students can learn and watch recordings or view presentations in your course via the mobile app from a tablet or phone. (Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot).

Uploading media from your smartphone or tablet will publish to your library, from there you can edit your media before sharing it with your students. Instructors can view usage analytics of student engagement in their course.

Live Stream Class or Interactive media? Currently, they do not work in the Echo360 mobile app, a student must be at a computer to view a live stream class.

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