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Once you have recorded/uploaded your class lecture it stores in your EchoVideo Library (where you can manage and edit your media). You can publish/share your content so students can view it inside of your course or Active Learning Platform (ALP). Students can watch or participate in a recorded/Live Stream class and interact with the media helping them retain the content being shared with them. View our EchoVideo Classroom Player for Instructors for a walk through of the interface. Students access your content from the tab in Canvas's left menu, however they can be added to Modules (advanced method). 

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Accessing your Classes in your Course

Supported Browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge, and Safari are supported, the latest browser versions. Internet Explorer is not supported.

When you share media from your library, a class is created which is a container that holds media you are publishing for your students to access. The Classes List page (homepage for your EchoVideo course) provides all content (e.g., video, presentation, video with polls) you have published to a Class for students to watch or participate in, content can be made unavailable or set for specific dates if you desire. You can upload supplemental material to your video recording, by adding a Presentation (PowerPoint or PDF) to your class (lesson).

NOTE: Class titles should be short and concise. Scheduled classroom recordings default to the course name, we recommend to rename your class so students can find what the recording to watch or participate in. In addition, if you are monitoring usage analytics, you will be able to identify student participation by the class. Learn more about renaming Classes in an EchoVideo course.

Share a Video (recording) from your library and publish it to your course.
Add a Video to a Class allows you to add a video to the classes list page. 

**View how to share your media from your Library to your EchoVideo course (easy detailed steps)

Below is a sample image of the Classes List page.

EchoVideo Course (Classes List page)

EchoVideo Classes List page - Sample of scheduled classes

The above image shows a sample EchoVideo course and what can be seen on the Classes list page. Classes can be scheduled/Live Stream, pre-recorded, related classes can be placed in a Class Group, and PowerPoints or PDFs can be added to a class. All viewing data is gathered by EchoVideo and can be viewed through the Analytics tab in your course.


Class Media Icons/Definitions

The instructor will always be able to see content on the Class list page and manage the availability of their content for student access. Additionally, hovering over a media icon provides the a thumbnail preview and name of your media as its titled in your library, the media menu provides options for the individual recording or presentation published to a class, see an Overview - Class List Page for Instructors

Accessing Class Content

As a reminder, you can control the availability of all class content or specific class content. Students (enrolled in your Canvas course) have access to all content in a Class/Lesson (videos, interactive media, and presentations) by using the EchoVideo tab (Canvas left menu).

Student Enrollment in a EchoVideo course. Canvas enrolled students do not mean students are enrolled in the EchoVideo section, they are enrolled when they click on the EchoVideo tab in Canvas's course menu. View our EchoVideo Student Guide.

Instructors can also access their EchoVideo course(s) from from the Courses page. The most recent term will always display first. Clicking a course tile opens the Classes list page.

Create a New Class, Group your Classes, and Organize Them

The Classes page is the home page of the EchoVideo course. Listing all the classes you have available for your students, if you desire you can edit the availability of your class content.

Active Learning Tools Foster Student Learning

In each class, within your EchoVideo course, you can create an inclusive learning environment, its up to you what you want to utilize in your teaching. EchoVideo's Active Learning Tools allow instructors to access class and student analytics, engage learners, while also reinforcing a students' understanding of material being shared.

When you use an EchoVideo course you can gather class and student data, the system provides the capability to export engagement scores to Canvas. Instructors can foster student engagement during recorded or Live Stream classes using the provided Classroom Tools (Discussion, Q&A, interactive polls, quizzes, and media slides).  Explore how to use the Classroom Tools and Viewing Analytics.

Confusion Flags

  • Ask students to flag content confusing when they don't understand a topic, so you will know if you need to re-teach a subject.
  • All flags are time stamped and you can view the number of confusion flags in each class.

Q&A and Discussion

  • Add questions to elicit responses from students on a topic.  While watching a video or viewing a Live Streamed class, students also can ask a question and reference a timestamp of the location on the video.
  • Questions or responses can be posted anonymously by students, the instructor(s) will always see who is the author of the post, and they can see all questions and responses from the Q&A tab.
  • A question or response can receive endorsements using the thumbs up icon.


  • View a graphical overlay of the most watched portions of a video.
  • Gain insight on whether students are succeeding, struggling, or not engaged from the Analytics Dashboard. 
  • Provides an overview of all participation in the course, view a particular class, or by the student.
  • Instructors can export participation points to the Canvas grade book.

 ASR Transcripts and Captions

  • Students can view a transcript, and can search or read along, while watching the video. The transcript syncs with the audio being spoken, or a screen reader can read the transcript.
  • Instructors can enable Closed Captions on a video when the transcription is compliant. Like a transcript, students can read the closed caption, or a screen reader can read it to them. 
  • Instructors are responsible to review and edit transcripts once processed, it is machine generated with ~90% accuracy.

Using Polls in EchoVideo 

  • Upload a Presentation as supplemental material:
    • You can add a presentation (PowerPoint/PDF) to a scheduled/Live Stream recording before class begins. Embed polling questions to create inclusive content, hide the polling slides until you are ready for students to see them. 
    • Embedded polls in a presentation allow you to add and remove slides, control availability, and show results. All polls created in EchoVideo are reusable.
  • Upload a Video with Embedded Polls:
    • Embed polling slides in a video to check for student understanding. Videos with polls can be embedded in Canvas or uploaded to an EchoVideo course.
    • Students are allowed to only answer the poll once before they can continue watching. 

Notes and Bookmarks

  • Students can take digital Notes which are time stamped and correspond to the spot within the video or slide number of where Notes are taken. When a Note is clicked on it directs them to the location. All Notes taken by a student create a personal Study Guide allowing them to quickly review or download their notes.
  • Students can bookmark important locations in a video or a presentation so they can find them quickly later. The bookmarks will show in the Notes panel with a time stamp location, when clicked on it takes them to the location(s) they bookmarked.

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