EchoVideo: Publish Media to a Course (from your Library)


There are two ways that faculty can share (publsh) a video from their user Library (they must be the owner or have sharing permissions to the media) to an EchoVideo course. Students will have access to the video from the EchoVideo tab in Canvas's course navigation (left menu) as it is connected to EchoVideo. When a video is published to an EchoVideo course, learners will see a list of class lessons that you have published that were either recorded in a SVSU classroom, on your computer, uploaded and created outside of EchoVideo.

**Note: Media that can be published to a course include audio, video, interactive media (video with polls), or PowerPoint or PDF slides.

Sharing Media from your Library

  • On your Library page, find the media you want to publish to your EchoVideo course.
  • Hover the video thumbnail and click it to open it.
  • This will open the Media Details page where you can playback your video, access the video/transcript editor, view Analytics, manage your media, and more.

    EchoVideo - Open a video in your Library

Sharing your media to a Course creates a Class

On the media details page, click the Publishing tab then Classes. Click Add to Class, see sample image.

EchoVideo - How to publish to a Class

  1. The Share Settings window opens, click Course (select name of course)
  2. Click Term (select the current term, an EchoVideo course does not work outside of Canvas terms)
  3. Click Section (current section for your course)
  4. Click New Class (you are creating a new class lesson when you share your media).
  5. Type in a Class Name (short, concise title for your media).
  6. Click Start Date (optional, select the calendar to choose a date).
  7. Type in a Class Description (short, concise description of what the lesson is about).
  8. Change the Availability settings as desired, section choose availability of the media.
  9. Click Share.

    EchoVideo - publishing to a course as a new class

Media in EchoVideo can be shared to multiple sections. You can view the newly shared media in your EchoVideo course.

Viewing the Shared Media in a Course

The media shared to the EchoVideo course can be viewed by students from Canvas's left menu. When a student clicks on the EchoVideo tab, they are automatically enrolled in the EchoVideo section and will see a list of all lessons; they can watch or participate in the virtual classroom 24/7 unless you decide to manage the media availability. All usage analytics can be viewed by the class or the individual student.

**Alternatively, you can create a Class from the EchoVideo Course page from the New Class button, view instructions:
Add a Media to a Class allows you to add a video to the classes list page without having to leave the Classes list page (home view of your EchoVideo course).

Echovideo - Classes list page - Instructor view

Looking for a quick way to share your media without an EchoVideo course and get it in front of your students to watch, you can embed your media Canvas (e.g., Page, Discussion, or Assignment content type), all media imports successfully to other courses and you can view usage analytics in your library. A discussion panel allows you and students to engage in conversation.
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