Explore the different methods of sharing content to Canvas, embed your media or share to a course.

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EchoVideo: Embedding Media in Canvas (create Playlists)

If you use Modules to structure your course material and use EchoVideo to share your class lectures, use the easy embed button. This publishing method allows students to watch your videos directly inside the content type (e.g., Assignment, Discussion, Page, etc.). The embedded video player meets accessibility needs with screen readers and closed captions.

EchoVideo: Embedding Videos vs using an EchoVideo Course

Learn the differences of the video players in EchoVideo when publishing to a section vs. embedding media in Canvas. * Coming in 2024 is a new video player with a consistent look across the platform, stay tuned.

EchoVideo: Methods of Sharing (Publishing) Media to Canvas

This article demonstrates the various ways you can publish media to Canvas that is stored in EchoVideo Library such as embedding videos (utilizes the embed media button), publishing videos to EchoVideo course/section.

EchoVideo: Publish Media to a Course (from your Library)

Learn how to share and publish media to an EchoVideo course which utilizes the Active Learning Platform. Media published to a course are listed on the Classes list page. All students and others enrolled in your Canvas course will have access to your content.