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Do not check grades, email, or anything confidential. All content is recorded and will be available to students as scheduled.

What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a comprehensive lecture capture and video hosting system that allows SVSU faculty to record video lectures for students to view on a computer or through the mobile app. Think of Echo360 as a private Youtube channel for each course you teach, with the videos accessible via Canvas. Echo360's Active Learning Platform lets you monitor the students that are confused or least engaged, to increase student engagement and success. The classroom tools give student's a voice in their learning and assesses what they have learned or what they have not.

Echo360 ALP

With Echo360’s classroom tools, polling, and quizzes you will know which students are the least engaged or might be confused. The classroom tools give student's a voice in their learning and assesses what they have learned or what they haven’t. The system provides you with rich analytics to increase student engagement and sets them up for success. Learn more in Getting Students Started, How to use Classroom tools and Add Polling Questions to Presentations.

If an instructor uses embedded videos in a Canvas content window, the engagement tools will not be seen. 

Who is Echo360 targeted audience?

Echo360 as a company is 100% Education focused designed by educators, for educators.

Who benefits from Echo360?

Echo360 benefits both Faculty and Students. Faculty do not have to continue to re-teach concepts and can also create videos for students as needed to address difficult subject matter. Additionally, classes can be recorded so if a student is sick and cannot make class, they do not get behind. Faculty can also pre-record their lectures if they plan to miss class due to a conference, or other situations.

How many people have used Echo360 at SVSU?

We have around 900 instructors in the Echo360 system from the last 6 years and over 16,000 students (many now Alumni).

How much content has been recorded?

There are over 16,000 videos within the Echo360 system, with over 1,000 being recorded each month since March 2020. In the last year, over 26,000 hours of video has been uploaded.

How many students are watching videos?

In April 2020, the videos had over 40,000 views, from more than 4,000 students, totaling more than 6,000 hours of viewing.

How is my class recorded?

You are in complete control of how you want your classes recorded, and what is recorded. The options available to you are:

  • Ad-hoc recordings you choose to start and stop.
  • Scheduled recordings that start and stop automatically for you, which can be stopped, or extended at any time.
    • Recordings can only be scheduled by the IT Support Center.

How are videos accessed/who can see the videos?

Students who are enrolled in your Canvas course are the only ones that can watch published content in your course. Faculty are in control of when the videos are available, they can be available as soon as your class completes, or whenever you decide to make them available. Some faculty like to trim and edit videos before they make them available. 

You own the video and can download it and share it in other ways. It is your intellectual property that you can take with you. Students and other faculty will not be able to download your videos, but you can share videos (via the Echo360 Library) with your peers that they can use in their courses if you choose.

What types of recording systems are there?

  • Universal Capture Appliance (Pod or Pro) the appliance records all content sent through the projector, along with audio and a camera recording you at the podium. 
  • Universal Capture Classroom (UC Classroom) can be installed in any classroom on campus identified via the Echo360 Semester Request Form. With UC Classroom only the computer screen and audio are recorded. 
  • Universal Capture Personal (UC Personal) can be installed on a computer to record content. With UC Personal the computer screen, audio, and optional webcam are recorded.

What rooms are equipped with Echo360?

Different rooms have varying capabilities and systems.

Who owns the content?

The creator owns the content, just like your Canvas course, it is yours.

Is Echo360 ADA Compliant?

Yes, Echo360 is equipped with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) which is around 80% accurate, but less for technical jargon. ASR can automatically create text transcripts from your Echo360 videos. Students can read along with the video and the transcript is searchable. You can edit your transcript for accuracy directly in the browser, search and replace words, apply to Closed Caption (CC) and more.

Learn more about using the Echo360 Transcript Editor.

How can Echo360 help me teach synchronously?

Echo360 is capable of live streaming from your home PC, a work PC, the classroom with Classroom Capture, or any appliance. Students watch the content by logging into Canvas and clicking on the Echo360 tab. The link can not be shared, and all recording controls are up to you (see “How is my class recorded” above).

View questions, comments, and discussion posts in real-time and see who is actively viewing your class. Assess student learning live with Interactive Slides and Polling in your Presentations.

How can Echo360 help me teach asynchronously?

Videos can be created for students to watch 24x7 from any device anywhere with an internet connection. Students can engage with the content with polls, questions, take notes and bookmark content.

Can you edit the videos?

Yes, Echo360's browser-based editor makes it easy to edit videos from anywhere, with no complicated tools required. The tool is available directly from the user’s library, the editor allows the user to simply make and save changes, and the published version is automatically updated.

Learn more about using the Echo360 Media Editor

Can you pause a video?

Yes, but if a recording is paused for 20 minutes it will stop and upload itself to the server (all capture types). 

Learn more about controlling a capture

File Size Limits

Since Echo360 hosts the videos securely on their servers, in the cloud, it does not affect your storage in Canvas and there is no limit to the number of videos you record.


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