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Service Description

Echo360 is a system that can be used for online, hybrid, or flipped courses, and allows you to capture your content within a classroom or on your computer. You can manage/edit your media, and share in Canvas with various methods to engage your students.

IMPORTANT: The form was revised recently (6/10/22) please review it carefully.

You must request a new Echo360 course/section for each term to:

  • Schedule/Live Stream your classes 
  • Record ad-hoc classroom lectures
  • Reuse (clone) all content from a previous term.
  • Personal recording computer

Note: Please only fill this form out if :

  • You are the primary instructor, and for the current semester only (submit one form, for all courses).​​​​​
  • The upcoming semester is ~6-8 weeks away.
  • You have had prior training.

If you are embedding videos in Canvas, you DO NOT need to fill out this form.

Schedule and Record Your Classes

You must request an Echo360 course if you want to schedule/Live Stream your class lectures, or record in the classroom for ad-hoc classes. Echo360 is a system that records your computer screen, audio, and/or a video feed of the lecturer (75+ rooms). For a list of classrooms that have Echo360 and other technology installed, see SVSU Classroom List and Technology on campus.

Echo360 course (Active Learning Platform)

All scheduled/Live Stream class recordings are immediately published and can be viewed by enrolled students/users in a course, you can request to delay the availability by 1 or more days, let us know when you fill out the form. As the instructor, you can engage your students using the integrated classroom tools, check for student understanding by adding polling questions to a video or embed them in a presentation (PowerPoint/PDF), and view usage analytics for video views, polling responses, and more. 

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