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Each semester Echo360 is configured to how you are teaching your class whether you are teaching inside or outside of the classroom. SVSU ITS needs to ensure course(s) and section(s) are created and configured, capture software is installed in the classroom podium, in-class recordings are scheduled, live stream enabled as desired, and if re-using content that Automatic Speech Recognition is turned on in your course.

Inside the classroom, you can Live Stream and schedule for the entire term, desired dates, or in an ad-hoc fashion. Outside of the classroom, you can Live Stream and record in your office, at home, or any location on any Mac (OS X 10.13 High Sierra or higher) or PC (Windows 10 64-bit) or higher.

Lecture Capture offers the ability to record supplemental materials covered in a face to face class or deliver teaching fully online. The captured recordings are published to your course and accessible in Canvas or from the Echo360 mobile app. Providing online lectures for playback improves student learning outcomes and boosts student gratification. With built in-analytics you can predict problem areas before student grades are impacted.

NOTE: If you are reusing content, you need to use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). If you would like to Live Stream in the Classroom, we need to know what courses to configure. Click Create Ticket to the right to get started.


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