EchoVideo: 404 Not Found - Error Message seen in Canvas (instead of the embedded video when it's been deleted from your Library)


This error message indicates that media has been removed from your EchoVideo Library. The following error message displays "404 Not Found, The page you're looking for couldn't be found." ** Important Note: If your video has been deleted within 3 months of the deletion, an administrator can restore the media to its original location, all analytics and links to the media will be restored.

404 Not Found (seen by instructors and students)

Echo360 404 Not Found error message


Removing Media from EchoVideo

Media removed from EchoVideo is recoverable up to 3 months from the date of deletion. Always be cautious before deleting a video from your Library, be sure you no longer need it as the video is removed from all published locations, meaning anywhere its embedded in Canvas or published classes in a EchoVideo section. If you do not need your media view this article: Deleting Your EchoVideo Media

Accidentally deleted your media? Fill out this form to request ITS to restore your EchoVideo content.


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