Zoom Video Integration with Echo360


The Zoom and Echo360 integration will automatically copy (Pro account only) Zoom cloud recordings to Echo360 as well as provides the capability to create Zoom meetings within Echo360.

Important Notes on Zoom and Echo360 Integration:
  • If you have a Zoom pro account and an Echo360 account, any Zoom cloud recording will automatically copy to your Echo360 library.
  • If you have a Zoom personal account, you can manually download your cloud recording from Zoom, then upload to Echo360, see how to manually download Zoom recording.

Zoom Cloud Recordings Automatically Copy to Echo360

Zoom Cloud recordings now automatically copy into your Library (does apply to existing recordings). Your media in Echo360 stores indefinitely, Zoom cloud recordings have a 45-day retention for Zoom recordings. 

Managing media in your Echo360 account

Teach in Zoom and Share in Echo360

View this help article. "Automatically import and publish video from Zoom" which includes short mini videos to watch. See how simple it is to create Zoom meetings inside of Echo360.

Create a Zoom Meeting in Echo360

Creates a Zoom meeting and provides a meeting link for you to share with participants in Canvas or outside of Canvas. Log into echo360.org to create a Zoom meeting from within your Library or inside of your Echo360 course.

Start by clicking the Create button, then click Zoom Meeting, see Launching a Zoom Meeting in Echo360.

Important Notes on using the Create Button in Echo360:
  • If you disabled automatic copying of your Zoom recordings to Echo360, you will not see Zoom Meeting in the Create button as an selection.
  • If you do not have both a Zoom pro account and an Echo360 account, you will receive an error message "Zoom account not found" when clicking on Zoom Meeting from the Create button. 

Create a Cloud Recording from a Meeting Created in Zoom 

Create the meeting as normal and join the meeting, then ensure you click to record "Record to Cloud", see ​​​​​Using Echo360's Zoom Integration as an Instructor

Video Processing and Uploads Times

Be patient it takes time to process to the Echo360 server, it depends on the duration of your video and where it is at in the queue with everyone else's recordings. You will always receive an email when your video has finished and when its available in your library.

Zoom Transcript(s) and ADA Compliance

Your transcript from your cloud recording created in Zoom DOES copy over with your video(s) to Echo360. Automated machine-generated Zoom transcripts are not 100% accurate, it is important if you are reusing the recording that you ensure your recording is ADA Compliant. Echo360's Transcript Editor allows you to edit your transcript for accuracy and apply Closed Captions on the video. During playback the transcript can be searched or read by a screen reader.

Manually Download your Zoom Audio Transcript

If there is no transcript attached to the recording, you will need to download it manually.

  1. Log into Zoom, click "Recordings".
  2. If needed click "Cloud Recording" tab.
  3. Locate the desired recording by scrolling the list of videos or use the search bar.
  4. Click the name of your Zoom meeting to open the recording details.
  5. You should see your Recording, look for Audio Transcript, hover over it then select the download arrow  button, the file will download to your computer. 
  6. Next, log into echo360.org

Manually Upload your Audio Transcript

Ensure you have downloaded the Zoom transcript prior to completing this section. 

  1. Inside of your Echo360 library, locate the video that you want to add the Zoom transcript to.
  2. Hover the video and left click with your mouse to open it.
  3. Under the video player, directly under the name of your video, click the "Details" tab, see How to upload a transcript to your media in Echo360.

Sharing Echo360 Media with Students

The Echo360 recording will not be shared with anyone unless you provide viewing permission. To share your recording with students there are two methods, you can:

Zoom Limitations

  • Audio only recordings will not automatically copy to Echo360. 
  • Echo360 will copy each recording, starting and stopping your Zoom Meeting will produce multiple recordings.
ITS recommends, if you want a continuous recording of your class meeting use pause instead, and then resume so that you have a single video. If desired you can trim your video into smaller segments, click-through self-paced tutorial on "Editing a Video."


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